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Prehistoric Marbled Slinky Fish

This adorable fish is fun to make and even more fun to play with! Age: 5+ Duration: 15 minutes Learning Outcomes: Exercise fine motor skills. Create a 3D pal for dramatic play. You’ll Need: R15410 Marble Sculpture Paper Scissors Pencil Tape Washable Marker Start with a sheet of marble paper, white side up. Fold it diagonally, and… View more

Make your own Origami Rabbit

Are you looking for more Easter ideas this week? Making origami rabbit is fun and easy. Today we are going to show you how to make these cute origami rabbits. Age: 4+ Duration: 6 Minutes Learning Outcomes: Practice following step-by-step instructions while exercising fine motor and spatial skills. You’ll Need:  R15219 Elementary Origami Animals Markers Glue Stick… View more

A Pot Of Gold for St. Patrick’s Day

A Pot Of Gold for St. Patrick’s Day

Are you looking for craft ideas for St. Patrick’s Day? Create some decorations to make the house and classroom more festive. Lets make a spiral rainbow and pot of gold. Age: 4+ Duration: 5 minutes Learning Outcomes: Exercise fine motor skills. holiday activities. Makes a perfect take-home craft. You’ll Need: R15295 Rainbow Paper R15409 Economy Metallic Paper Markers, pencils,… View more

Make Cross Weaving Mats for this Easter !

Let’s make cross weaving mats for this Easter! With this simple project, the art of weaving colorful strips of paper through a bright Cross Weaving Mat promotes hand-eye coordination! Age: 4+ Duration: 8-10 minutes Learning Outcomes: Explore cultural traditions and symbols. Practice folding and taping. Exercise Fine motor skills. Create a take-home craft. You’ll Need: R16005 Cross Weaving Mats… View more

Elementary Origami Animals for 1st Grade

Welcome to the second installment of our elementary origami series! Today, we’ll be focusing on two 1st grade projects: The fish and the fox! Age: 4+ Duration: 5 minutes Learning Outcomes: Practice following step-by-step directions. Exercise fine motor skills. You’ll Need: R15219 Elementary Origami Animals Washable Markers Googly Eyes Glue Stick We’ll start with the fish today. Under… View more

Make Chinese Lanterns for Chinese New Year

The Chinese Lantern Festival is a Chinese festival celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunisolar Chinese calendar. It marks the final day of the traditional Chinese New Year celebrations, and it falls on March 2nd for 2018.During the Lantern Festival, children carry paper lanterns and go out at night. People also go to temples to solve riddles… View more

Foam Paint Bottles

Explore a range of fun sensory experiences with colorful and exciting Foam Paint using our special dispensing bottles! Mix up a simple recipe for foam paint to create beautiful sensory art. Engage your early childhood and special needs students. Foam paint looks beautiful and feels luscious to the touch. In addition, it has a great scent! To make your own foam paint, mix: 1/4 cup dish… View more