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  • Insect Masks
    Insect Masks
  • Butterfly Ornaments Kit
    Butterfly Ornaments Kit
  • Color Diffusing Paper Flowers
    Color Diffusing Paper Flowers
  • Botanical Cuts
    Botanical Cuts
  • 4222 Japanese Carp Kite
    Japanese Carp Windsock Kit
  • Super Hero Masks
    Super Hero Masks

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  • Growth Mindset Lesson Plan

    Growth Mindset Lesson Plan

    You might be wondering what a growth mindset is, so let’s start by defining it. A growth mindset is the believe that we can improve our abilities through effort, practice, and learning from mistakes. The opposite of a growth mindset is a fixed mindset which is the believe that our abilities are set in stone.…

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Roylco is a children’s toy and educational product company that develops and manufactures unique learning materials, toys, and crafts. For over 50 years, Roylco educational products have been meticulously designed with childhood development and safety in mind, every step of the way. You can be sure that every Roylco product you purchase is thoughtful, safe, and age-appropriate, this is our pledge to you. We do this so you can focus on what matters most, lighting the spark of creativity in your children to inspire a lifetime of learning.