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Who We Are

At Roylco, we don’t see learning as a chore—We think learning should be fun and inspiring for children and educators alike!

Our goal is to empower educators with accessible, practical, and cost-effective products and content that take education from ordinary to extraordinary. Exceptional teachers, parents, and day care providers find that Roylco provides them with an opportunity to make learning feel like play, with supplies, toys, and activity plans that engage and captivate children of all ages, especially young learners.

Regardless of age, gender, race, culture, or physical or mental capability, we want to inspire in all children an interest in learning and a creative spirit that will last a lifetime.

About Us - Really Big Tangrams


Roylco is a leading innovator, developer and manufacturer of unique arts and crafts materials and hands-on learning products for the classroom and home.


For over 50 years, Roylco has been providing unique and innovative hands-on products in art, science, math, special needs, literacy, social studies and early childhood that engage children and empower teachers and parents. Our belief is that healthy learning comes from healthy minds and bodies.


Our mission is to help teachers make educating children exciting, engaging and creative. We demonstrate our commitment to teachers through the quality and affordability of our products. We lead the industry in innovation and design


We strive to give you the best possible educational experience while keeping your budget in mind. Everything we do is for hands-on learners. We want children to experience learning with their bodies as well as their minds.


Roylco has a wide range of design and production capabilities all done in-house. It includes Illustration, Photography, Video and Audio Production, AutoCad Design.


We have a wide range of machines capable of doing everything you need from prototyping to full production runs. It includes Injection Molding,Thermal Forming,Plastic Extrusion,Printing,Die Cutting, Metal Stamping, Fabrication.

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