Measuring Roylco’s Impact:

At Roylco, we think of our impact in 2 key ways:

1. Our impact on our planet:

Reduce: Roylco reduces waste by producing as efficiently as possible. Many of our plastic products create little to no plastic waste because we use a unique approach to re-process plastic runners. On our website, flipping through pages is made possible with our digital catalogs. This means that we are contributing to a cleaner Earth together.

Reuse: As a small business, Roylco is no stranger to creatively using in-house equipment and materials to run optimally. We are also happy to report that we pack boxes with paper “waste” from our many printing & die cutting processes, this creates an very fun and earth-friendly unboxing. In 2022, we diverted an additional 27 tons of material directly from landfills into recycling centers.

Recycle: Where possible, we use recycled materials to produce our world-known products. Our approach has been to incorporate recycled content anywhere possible with the goal of increasing the percentage of recycled content on a continuous basis. We also recycle our waste when possible. Over the last twenty-five years we have recycled over 250 tons of paper and card. We’ve done a lot to date, but there is still much to be done.

2. Our impact on our people:

Our employees: Our employee handbook states that we understand our teammates have rich lives outside of work; that’s why Roylco offers fair pay and flexible scheduling to our teammates who make it possible to enrich the lives of children all around the world.

Our customers: We pride ourselves on long lasting partnerships which have been made around the world for over 50 years.

Our children: We are on a mission to positively impact every child that interacts with the products that we create. Specifically, our goal is to create and distribute products that allow children to develop their creativity, critical thinking skills, and understanding of how they fit into the world around them.

Our community: Roylco gives back to our local communities in meaningful ways in order to be a valuable piece of the economy as well as a helpful neighbor. We target partner organizations that share our goals & values, focused on childhood development.

Keep playing for years & generations to come!