STEAM by Roylco

Our STEAM-focused Philosophy

Our brand has historically focused on creating high-quality educational supplies for classrooms. Now, we’re also applying our unique, STEAM-focused mindset to the world of toys. We’re a family business, meaning that we love each other very much while we argue about nearly every single detail that leads to getting this product into your hands. It’s because we each take this seriously. We’re also parents, and we want our children to have the best educational experiences. We believe that every child should have access to engaging toys that encourage creative thinking and curiosity about their world.

Our Line

Lock Blox


Sensory Beads


Light Learning Rocks


Tubes & Connectors

Felt Fun

Structure Sticks

Structure Sticks

Coding Gems

Sensory Bin

Super Topplers

Mindfulness Pebbles

Key Features & Benefits

Specials that Inspire

What sets us apart? Well, here’s one of the many things: each November, we give back to our community. For every STEAM by Roylco product sold in the month of November, we donate a product to a child in our local community who could use some extra inspiration.

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