Spotlight On: Stand-Up People

Create cute, miniature people who can stand on their own two feet!

These sturdy card stock figures are terrific for a multitude of different art projects and as components in presentations for other subjects. Use paint, marker, crayon, pencil crayon and collage materials to decorate your stand-up person. The large size (7 1/4 x 11 1/2″) is perfect for bringing out the fine detail in your artwork.

Use these art bases for “All About Me” art! Glue a photograph to the face of a figure, and decorate the body to resemble your favorite outfit. Finish by writing your name on your stand-up person so your classmates will always recognize you!

A great beginning of school activity is pairing students off and challenging them to introduce their partner to the class! Have students interview each other, and create a portrait of their partner to present to the class along with personal facts like age, favorite food, and favorite color!

Are written book reports starting to become a grind? Add a new dimension to them by challenging students to create a portrait of their favorite character in their book. The portrait can serve as a visual aid to help keep other students engaged.

Bring social studies to life with historical figures! Consider assigning each table (or group) a theme, and each student will create a portrait of a different historical figure. If students have a math theme, they might create figures of Ada Lovelace and Pythagoras. A science theme could include Einstein and Marie Curie.

To watch a video a Stand-Up Person come to life, click here:


Prehistoric Marbled Slinky Fish

15401 Marble Paper - Fish

This adorable fish is fun to make and even more fun to play with!

Age: 5+

Duration: 15 minutes

Learning Outcomes: Exercise fine motor skills. Create a 3D pal for dramatic play.

You’ll Need:


Start with a sheet of marble paper, white side up. Fold it diagonally, and trim off the excess. When you unfold the sheet, you should have a square.


Still with the white side up, turn the sheet so it looks like a diamond, and the fold line is vertical. Next, fold the left and right points of the diamond in, until you have an inverted kite shape.


Trim the shorter point so it is rounded. Next, unfold the two sides.


Fold your paper in half along the original fold line, and carefully cut a series of slits from the point to about 2″ before the curve. Your cuts should only be as deep as your second set of fold lines.


Overlap the two outside triangle and tape them securely to create the 3D body of your fish. You should have a triangular prism.


Choose another sheet of marble paper, preferably in a contrasting pattern from the body of your fish. Fold the sheet so you have approximately 2″ of paper below the fold.


Draw shapes for fins and a tail for your fish. I drew triangles for the fins, and rounded shapes for the tail, and then cut them out on the fold. You’ll need to cut the fins apart, but leave the tail as one piece. Tape the fins and tail to the underside of your fish.

To give your fish some personality, add eyes and a tongue! I used the blue marble paper for the eyes, and the pink paper for the tongue. Tape the tongue inside your fish’s mouth, and the eyes to his head in front of the slits.


Now your fish is ready to swim!


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