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Elementary Animals: Fold a Pig!

  Welcome to our fourth origami animal project! Today we’ll be focusing on a project ideal for third graders: folding a pig!  Age: 7+ Duration: 10 Minutes Learning Outcomes: Practice following step-by-step directions while exercising fine motor and spatial skills. You’ll Need:  R15219 Elementary Origami Animals Pig Folding Instructions (POST INSTRUCTIONS) Glue Stick Googly Eyes If you structure… View more

Elementary Origami Animals for 1st Grade

Welcome to the second installment of our elementary origami series! Today, we’ll be focusing on two 1st grade projects: The fish and the fox! Age: 4+ Duration: 5 minutes Learning Outcomes: Practice following step-by-step directions. Exercise fine motor skills. You’ll Need: R15219 Elementary Origami Animals Washable Markers Googly Eyes Glue Stick We’ll start with the fish today. Under… View more