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Elementary Animals: Fold a Pig!


15219 - Pig Craft (eyeballls)

Welcome to our fourth origami animal project! Today we’ll be focusing on a project ideal for third graders: folding a pig! 

Age: 7+

Duration: 10 Minutes

Learning Outcomes: Practice following step-by-step directions while exercising fine motor and spatial skills.

You’ll Need: 


If you structure this activity as a small group or individual project, start by downloading and printing the fully illustrated instruction sheet for your students. The easy to follow instruction sheets allow students to independently work to create an adorable pig pal. If they get stumped, however, direct them to the video:

The completed pig pals can serve as a take-home project in and of themselves, but if you want to extend the activity, challenge your students to use diorama boxes to recreate their favorite scene from their favorite pig-themed book! Some of those books might include:


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