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The Mad Hatter’s Top Hat

This wild and colorful hat is the last in hour Halloween series this year! Add your top hat to a costume, use for dramatic play, or wear it to read Alice in Wonderland.  Age: 4+ Duration: 15 minutes Learning Outcomes: Express yourself with color and pattern with a fashionable hat. Exercise fine motor skills. Encourage creativity. You’ll Need:… View more

Mosaic Masks

These beautiful, geometric masks are perfect for imaginative play and for unique Halloween costumes! Age: 4+ Duration: 15 minutes (not including drying time) Learning Outcomes: Exercise fine motor skills. Practice mosaic technique, which can be used on a variety of other projects. Talk about self-expression. Create a fun costume piece or wall-worthy artwork! You’ll Need: R52010 African… View more

Light Learning Tessellations

Add a numeracy dimension to light table play with these glittery, squishy animal shapes!To tessellate means to completely fill a flat space with the same, repeating shape without any gaps or overlap. We have created 5 animal shapes that fit snugly together and form exciting patterns. Elephant, dog, fish, bird, and lizard gel creatures each… View more

Roll-Up Paper Play Pals

Prepare popular paper play pals! Great for teaching children to follow instructions, practice fine motor skills, and create diverse pals for imaginary play! Age: 4+ Duration: 10 minutes Learning Outcomes: Cut and roll paper to practice fine motor sills. Explore diversity in the classroom. You’ll Need: R15233 Skin Tone Craft Papers Roylco’s Template for Paper Play Pals: Roll… View more

Foam Paint Bottles

Explore a range of fun sensory experiences with colorful and exciting Foam Paint using our special dispensing bottles! Mix up a simple recipe for foam paint to create beautiful sensory art. Engage your early childhood and special needs students. Foam paint looks beautiful and feels luscious to the touch. In addition, it has a great scent! To make your own foam paint, mix: 1/4 cup dish… View more

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