Roll-Up Paper Play Pals


Prepare popular paper play pals! Great for teaching children to follow instructions, practice fine motor skills, and create diverse pals for imaginary play!

Age: 4+

Duration: 10 minutes

Learning Outcomes: Cut and roll paper to practice fine motor sills. Explore diversity in the classroom.


You’ll Need:


Open the Roll Up Doll Template on your computer. Print out the template onto the Skin Tone Craft paper.


Roll up each sheet of paper, being careful not to crease it. Then allow the paper to unroll naturally. DSC_6455


Once you have rolled and unrolled your sheet of paper, carefully cut along the dotted lines. DSC_6458


Next, carefully roll up the arm and leg sections and tape each cylinder shut. Then, gently roll the body into a cylinder. Tape shut. You may need to trim the arms if they are too long. DSC_6460Finally, fold the top flap down and tape to the opposite side of the body to create the head. DSC_6462

Draw a face on your paper play pal, and enjoy!


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