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Good-Bye 2017! Looking Forward to 2018

As 2017 comes to a close, we thought we would look back on what a great year we have had, and give you some sneak peeks for the coming year!

We want to start with a look back at our favorite 2017 Blog Posts!


Our Roll-Up Paper Play Pals are a terrific craft for students! Use them in imaginative play, for “All About Me” activities and as a fun paper doll.


Roylco introduced two dolls in 2017, and they could not be any cuter! Encourage kids to explore their bodies and their emotions with these cuddly dolls.

In an October full of masks, this was one of our favorites! This beautiful lion encourages kids to explore paper sculpting and to create wearable art!

finished craft

We loved how these vibrant and versatile stars brightened up the room!

Marbled - Catapillar2

Visual, tactile and beautiful, we absolutely love the marbling process used to create this adorable caterpillar!


2017 has been a great year for us, but we are so excited to debut exciting new products and craft ideas to you for 2018! Stay tuned for future blog posts featuring exciting new products including:

green screen kit image.jpg

Roylco’s new R72020 Live Action Green Screen Kit allows students to create their own special effects and movies! The kit will include 6 green screens and 24 sticks to use to manipulate puppets of their own design. Stay tuned for blog posts featuring tips and tricks for green screen editing, puppet templates and more!

35076 Number Doll - Around a house.jpg

Roylco is expanding our line of dolls with these adorable numbers! The R35076 Number Dolls include 9 colorful dolls from 0-9, and seven hook and loop math signs. Stay tuned for blog posts exploring the mathematical possibilities of these friendly-faced dolls!


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