Foam Paint Bottles


Explore a range of fun sensory experiences with colorful and exciting Foam Paint using our special dispensing bottles! Mix up a simple recipe for foam paint to create beautiful sensory art. Engage your early childhood and special needs students. Foam paint looks beautiful and feels luscious to the touch. In addition, it has a great scent!


To make your own foam paint, mix:
1/4 cup dish soap
cold water
liquid watercolor or
food coloring

Note: Adjust the amount to soften or intensify color.
OPTIONAL: tablespoons glycerin (for a
fluffier foam)

The Foam Paint Bottles have special pump dispensing action to give your students an extra
level of sensory exercise. Pour the foam paint recipe into the base and screw on the pump dispenser. As you press the pump, it will squirt out a dollop of colorful foam.


A little goes a long way. To save leftovers, simply twist the nozzle to lock it, then store in a cool dry location for a month or more.Line-03

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