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Sensory Collage Easter Egg Art Project

Are you looking for Easter egg ideas? The sensory collage Easter egg art project is great for your classroom activities. It introduces children to the important senses of the human body with Roylco’s Sensory Collage Kit. It’s also great for working on fine motor skills. Age: 5+ Duration: 15 minutes Learning Outcomes: Exercise fine motor skills. Practice sorting… View more

Make your own Origami Rabbit

Are you looking for more Easter ideas this week? Making origami rabbit is fun and easy. Today we are going to show you how to make these cute origami rabbits. Age: 4+ Duration: 6 Minutes Learning Outcomes: Practice following step-by-step instructions while exercising fine motor and spatial skills. You’ll Need:  R15219 Elementary Origami Animals Markers Glue Stick… View more

Color Diffusing Easter Egg Artwork

Color Diffusing Easter Egg Artwork

Make beautiful color diffusing Easter Egg Artwork by using Roylco’s R15213 Color Diffusing Paper! Age: 3+ Duration: 5 minutes for painting and assembling, couple of hour for drying. Learning Objectives: Use fine motor skills to squeeze paint from pipettes onto paper. Learn about the process of diffusion with beautiful Color Diffusing technology. You’ll Need: • R15213 Color Diffusing Paper… View more

Fun Ways to Dye Easter Eggs

Today we are going to show you some fun ways to dye your Easter Eggs. Age: 4+ Duration: 10 minutes ( Not including drying time ) Learning Outcomes: • Develop fine motor skills • Explore creativity You’ll Need: R22054 Lace Design Paper R15214 Super Value Color Diffusing Paper R54470 Junior Heart Paint Pipettes Paint Tray Hard boiled eggs… View more

Metallic Robot Mask

This mask is the perfect finishing touch for a classic DIY robot costume this Halloween! Age: 5+ Duration: 10 Minutes (plus drying time) Learning Outcomes: Exercise fine motor skills. Practice precision scissor skills. Create beautiful take-home art! You’ll Need:  R52076 Folding Fun Masks Aluminum Foil (available at most grocery stores) White glue Tempera Paint Paintbrushes Goo Spreader… View more

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