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Frog Mask

This adorable mask is a perfect addition to your costume closet! Wear it Trick-or-Treating too! Age: 4+ Duration: 15 minutes (plus drying time) Learning Outcomes: Augment student presentations with this adorable costume piece. Exercise fine motor skills. Create wearable art. You’ll Need: R52083 Wild Animal Fold-Up Masks R15653 Circle Popz Washable Markers Scissors White Glue Tape Today we… View more

Metallic Robot Mask

This mask is the perfect finishing touch for a classic DIY robot costume this Halloween! Age: 5+ Duration: 10 Minutes (plus drying time) Learning Outcomes: Exercise fine motor skills. Practice precision scissor skills. Create beautiful take-home art! You’ll Need:  R52076 Folding Fun Masks Aluminum Foil (available at most grocery stores) White glue Tempera Paint Paintbrushes Goo Spreader… View more

3D Features Mask

This cheerful mask incorporates paper sculpting to create vivid 3D facial features! Use as part of a costume or as colorful wall art! Age: 5+ Duration: 30 minutes (plus drying time) Learning Outcomes: Practice sculpting with paper. Explore new art techniques. Exercise fine motor skills. Talk about what masks represent for various world cultures. You’ll Need: R52010 African… View more

Paper Sculpted Lion Mask

These easy paper sculpting techniques create a beautiful 3D effect on any basic mask!  Age: 5+ Duration: 20 Minutes Learning Outcomes: Practice precision scissor skills! Explore the tensile strength and elasticity of paper. Learn how different textures create different looks! You’ll Need: R52083 Wild Animal Fold-Up Masks Construction Paper Crayons Scissors Tape Select your mask. We chose a… View more

Spooky Halloween Masks

Spooky Halloween Masks

Don’t stress about what to wear this Halloween… make spooky faces with our R52076 Folding Fun Masks! A bit of paint and our step by step instructions go a long way with these spooktacular masks! Age: 6+ Duration: 20-30 minutes You’ll Need: • R52076 Folding Fun Masks • Paint • Paintbrush • Paint tray (try our… View more