Make Cross Weaving Mats for this Easter !

Let’s make cross weaving mats for this Easter! With this simple project, the art of weaving colorful strips of paper through a bright Cross Weaving Mat promotes hand-eye coordination!

Age: 4+

Duration: 8-10 minutes

Learning Outcomes: Explore cultural traditions and symbols. Practice folding and taping. Exercise Fine motor skills. Create a take-home craft.

You’ll Need:

Weave a colorful Cross!
• Begin by gently separating the weaving strips from the panel and loosening the die-cut slats of the cross. Allow four strips per cross.

• Start by weaving the vertical area of the cross. Insert a strip through the slats of the
mat and weave in and out. When you have finished the first strip, start the second but
alternate the “in and out” pattern each time. A wavy, checkerboard pattern will appear.

• Trim off the excess weaving strip lengths and use to complete the cross bar of the cross.Carefully glue or tape the ends down on the backside of the weaving mat. Notice the different color combination you have created on the reverse side.

Tape your finished cross to a window for inspirational window art or decorate a Bible
classroom doorway. Use several Cross Weaving Mats to decorate a bulletin board for Easter!

Project Spotlight: Cross Weaving Mats


Honour the memory of our veterans’ sacrifices on Canada’s Remembrance Day, November 11, with the R16005 Cross Weaving Mats

Weaving mats help to encourage fine motor development through the act of passing the weaving strips under and over each of the successive slits cut into the colorful card crosses.

Make sure that the ends are taped off before you cut them. Once you have started on the next row, remember to start with the opposite direction. For instance, instead of starting your weaving over the slit, start under it and continue weaving over and under. This will vary up the appearance of the weaves and make it look like a checkered pattern.

Use about 4 strips per weaving strip.

The Cross Weaving Mats come in a range of different colors. Turn the card cross over to see another color on the flipside. As you weave, the colors of the weaving strips will also appear on the opposite side.

You can paste the Cross Weaving Mats up on a wallboard or attach the crosses together on a banner and hang up in the classroom as Remembrance Day decorations!


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