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Craft Spotlight: Bunting Flags

Welcome to our first Craft Spotlight post! These posts will be published every Monday to showcase our favorite craft projects developed and manufactured domestically by Roylco! This week’s feature craft is R22046 Bunting Flags!  Bunting Flags are cut from heavier paper and are great for painting on! Use regular tempera paint for coloring the flags…. View more

Rolly Scrolly Mix Up Art Game

This is a great icebreaker activity for your new classroom. Start out your day with giggles and fun! Draw a mixed-up character on sections of our R15406 Rolly Scrolly Paper, then unfold the entire thing to reveal a hilarious creation. Age: 5+ Duration: 15 minutes You’ll Need: • R15406 Rolly Scrolly Paper • Crayons • Imagination! This is… View more

Tear Art Still Life

Our take on tear art uses simple materials: construction paper, crayons, rubbing plates and a bit of fine motor action! Find out how to create a gorgeous still life of a vase of summery flowers, or inspire some beachy fun with a colorful tropical fish portrait! Age: 4+ Duration: 15-20 minutes You’ll Need: • R5871… View more

Quilt Mosaic Buildings

Make colorful patterned buildings against a gorgeous starry sky! Combine color, pattern and shape to create a beautiful artistic scene. Our R15642 Quilt Mosaics are perfect to make this cityscape! The mosaics add a touch of whimsy to normally stark and … Continue reading →

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