Lace Circles Bunting Garland


Make a simple, but effective bunting flag banner using R24910 Color Diffusing Lace Circles! PLUS spot our NEW 2015 Junior Heart Paint Pipettes in this craft post!

Age: 3+

Duration: 5 minutes for painting and assembling, half an hour to dry

Learning Objectives: Use fine motor skills to squeeze paint from pipettes onto paper. Learn about the process of diffusion with beautiful Color Diffusing™ technology.


You’ll Need:

R24910 Color Diffusing Lace Circles

• R54470 Junior Heart Paint Pipettes

• Watercolor paint

• Paint tray

• String

• Stapler

• Cup of water



Fill your pipette with watercolor paint and drop the concentrated paint onto various areas of the Color Diffusing Lace Circle. In this image, I have two lace circles overlapping together. Overlapping them works well with the diffusion technology as it ensures an even spread of paint throughout the entire Lace Circle.


When you have fully painted your Lace Circles, pipette some water onto the spots of concentrated colors. This will spread the paint further throughout the Lace Circle, mixing the colors together. The process of diffusion occurs as the water pushes aside the molecules of the concentrated colors. The Color Diffusing material actually allows this to happen because the fibers are spaced further apart.


Here’s what the diffused color looks like!


Leave the Lace Circles to dry overnight.


Fold each Lace Circle in half.


Cut a length of string that will span the distance for your bunting garland.


Thread the string through the folded Lace Circles so that it rests on the inside of the fold. Secure the fold with a staple through the center of the Lace Circle.


This is what the bunting garland looks like hung up! Make enough to span the length of your classroom and string up across the room. You can adjust the colors to reflect any upcoming holiday… make green Lace Circles for Saint Patrick’s Day or red and pink ones for Valentine’s Day!


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Craft Spotlight: Color Diffusing Snowflakes

Feature-Image-coldiffsnowflakesThe winter season is fast approaching but you can do your decorating now! Our easy-to-use Color Diffusing Snowflakes give children the opportunity to explore their painting skills while experimenting with a few neat effects!

The Color Diffusing Snowflakes are cut into a variety of different snowflake shapes. Since every student will color their snowflakes differently, you can talk about how no two snowflakes are alike, even within art!
IMG_2079We worked on our snowflakes in the sun and it helped to speed up the drying process while we painted! So no matter where you live, this will be a great activity for your students to try.

Notice that we provided pipettes at each of the bowls for each color of watercolor paint. This helped to make sure that students placed the pipette back to its original bowl before using another color. In addition, we placed paint trays beneath the Color Diffusing Snowflakes to help keep paint off the workstations.


Place the pipette above the Color Diffusing Snowflake and gently release some of the paint. Our crafters enjoyed watching the colors spread throughout the paper; it showed the entire shape of the snowflake against the white of the plastic paint tray.

IMG_2109Our crafters combined some of the colors to make some of the coolest-looking snowflakes around!

IMG_2095To really add interest to the project, spread a pinch of Epsom salts or regular table salt over the drying snowflakes. As the snowflakes dry, the salt will stick to the paper and appear sparkly like real snowflakes!

IMG_2112Line-03Thanks for hanging out with us today! Have you tried this project? Send us photos of your work if you have! We’d love to feature your work in our next post! Send all emails to!

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Caution! Twins at Play! uses our Color Diffusing Paper Leaves!


Kristen from Caution! Twins at Play! posted photos of her twins Graham and Parker painting our R2442 Color Diffusing Paper Leaves! They used liquid watercolor to color the leaves and painted onto clear plates to keep the table surface clean.  

This post, called “water color” was published on December 30, 2012. Kristen took many beautiful photos of her sons’ artworks. Check out the blog post for more images!


Here you can see twins Graham and Parker having a blast as the liquid watercolor seeps throughout the leaf cutouts.


It’s a good idea to make sure your work surfaces are covered before you start painting the leaves as the paint will inevitably seep through the bottom. Kristen mentioned that she would have liked to use this on her light panels but didn’t have the proper cover to protect it.

Look forward to our handy Light Table kits that we’re producing next year! We feature a variety of materials and resources that can assist with educational light table sessions.  


Kristen is an advocate for using the light table for many educational subjects and she believes wholly in the value of presenting children with alternative learning ways. Light tables illuminate the objects that are placed on them and present a whole new perspective on objects’ appearances.

Thanks to Kristen for her post!

Images and original post © Caution! Twins at Play!.

This post was not sponsored for a review. At LittleFingersBigArt, our mission is to present to our readers and viewers the newest and most creative craft ideas that fans of Roylco have made on their own. Our goal is to allow you and other educators and parents to reuse our products in fun ways so that children always get the best educational experience from them!

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