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Let’s Make A Window Cling!

Let’s Make A Window Cling!

Age: 4+ Duration: 30 minutes (or more, depending on your design preferences), plus drying time. Learning Outcomes: We’re going to be mixing ingredients, painting and decorating with our creations.  We can learn about the subjects related to our rubbing plates, nature, science, etc. And, we can even have a discussion about sunlight and color as… View more

Mother’s Day Crowns

Make Mom a queen for the day with these embellished R22025 Color In Crowns! Add details with collage materials and a few of our own fun craft products, such as R24560 Bouquet Paper and R15657 Wild Flower Paper Bits! Age: 4+ Duration: 15 minutes You’ll Need:  • R22025 Color In Crowns • R24560 Bouquet Paper •… View more

Personalized Art Totes!

Store your art materials in personalized art totes! Make one for yourself (the ever-patient and longstanding art teacher) or invite your students to make one for you. The project is pretty simple and quick so students will love the opportunity to make more! Age: 3+ Duration: 5-10 minutes You’ll Need: • Assorted rubbing plates: R5841… View more

Snowflake Wax Resist Art

Snowflake Wax Resist Art

Learn the technique for making beautiful wax resist art–give your students something to work on as they return to their school routine after the holidays, and help them create an art piece that they can be proud of! Age: 3+ Duration: 15 minutes You’ll Need: • R58622 Super Snowflake Stencils • Paper towel • White… View more

Thanksgiving Hat

Inspired by what our crafters at the Roylco Summer Art Camp made, here’s how to put together your unique Thanksgiving Hat! Use the R28421 Scissor Skills Paper for this craft.  Age: 4+ Duration: 15-20 minutes You’ll Need: • R28421 Scissor Skills Paper • R5870 Linear Rubbing Plates • Sheet of paper, 8.5 x 11″ (20 x… View more

Tear Art Still Life

Our take on tear art uses simple materials: construction paper, crayons, rubbing plates and a bit of fine motor action! Find out how to create a gorgeous still life of a vase of summery flowers, or inspire some beachy fun with a colorful tropical fish portrait! Age: 4+ Duration: 15-20 minutes You’ll Need: • R5871… View more