100 Days of School Celebration


It’s almost time to celebrate the 100 days of School! What types of festivities are you planning for this special event? We suggest using our R75423 100 Days of School Finger Paint Paper to do a painting activity!

Age: 5+

Duration: 5-10 minutes

Learning Objectives: Learn about the number 100! Explore the number’s shape. Keep track of the number of paint blots to cover the full surface. Integrate activity into study of numbers up to 100. Use fine motor skills to carefully grasp balloon while painting.

You’ll Need:

R75423 100 Days of School Fingerpaint Paper

• Balloons (small to medium sized)

• Bowls

• Paint (tempera or fingerpaint)

• Covering for work surface (i.e. newspaper)

• Tape (optional)



Cover your workstation with newspapers to prevent paint from making a mess. It’s a good idea to contain all paint in separate paint bowls. That way, there will be less spills to deal with!


First, pick two colors of paint you will want to work with. They can be complementary colors, or whatever combination you wish! Squeeze one color into the center of the bowl so it fills the bottom. Now squeeze the second color in the center of the first color, but do not over-pour. You want to create a starburst effect from the two colors.


Blow up your balloon with just a small amount of air. Our friends found out that blowing up the balloon all the way made it harder to use. You want just enough air to make it squishy enough for the kids to hold.


Once you have a good size that can fit into the bowl, dip into the paint and press onto the paper. This will create a really cool paint blot effect!


Guide students to keep their blots deliberate and directed straight onto the paper. They can keep paint blotting the image until the entire sheet is covered.


Fingerpaint dries fairly quickly if left out in the sun for a few minutes!


What a beautiful effect! You can challenge your students to count to from 1-100 and see how many blots it takes to fill the entire paper.


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Craft Spotlight: Big Huge Fingerpaint Fish!

2014-10-06-FeatureImageDecorate giant paper fish with fingerpaint, glue and glitter! Our art campers painted and collaged several Big Huge Fingerpaint Fish paper projects. Check out their process below!

_DSC0126The R75402 Fingerpaint Fish is 3 feet long and about 2 feet at its widest point, making it a great canvas for group art projects!

_DSC0127First we painted the Fingerpaint Fish fully on one side as a base for the next layer of art collage material. Use thick tempera paint or fingerpaint to saturate one side of the painting shape.


Next, we provided the campers with a container of glue. Use regular dollar store containers to keep glue intact between groups of students. You can place the lid back onto the container to keep the glue from drying out.

DSC05290We used R5725 Goo Spreaders to scoop up the glue and spread it across the Fingerpaint Fish.

DSCF7037We asked our art campers to imagine they were drawing on fish scales or body patterns with the glue. Why would we paint the fish with glue? Good question!

DSCF7053So we could add glitter!

DSCF7058Using glitter, the fish scales become bright and colorful!

IMG_7321After we doused the fish with glitter, we helped each other tilt the fish sideways to help the excess glitter slide off.

DSCF7063Next, we hung up the fish to dry.

DSCF7065What a great art project! Not only did the art campers get to work on their art cooperatively, but they explored new patterns and fun techniques to decorate their fish projects.


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Finger Paint Flower Faces


Paste up personalized Fingerpaint Flowers along a school hallway and celebrate all the great things your students have accomplished so far in the school year! Like our post and subscribe today to our blog to see more craft projects like this!

Age: 5+

Duration: 15-20 minutes

You’ll Need:

R75422 Big! Huge! Fingerpaint Flower

• Fingerpaint / Tempera paint

• Scrap newspapers

• Pencil / Marker

• Students’ portraits printout, 8.5 x 11″ (21.5 x 28 cm)

• Tape

• Scissors

• Flower Faces Fence template PDF

• Crayons


• Collage materials

• Glue

• Construction paper in assorted colors

• Paint brushes


Big! Huge! Fingerpaint Flowers are perfect full-sized projects for each student in your class! The vast canvas space will inspire students to unleash their creative streak while developing fine motor skills. For students who are less inclined to fingerpaint, provide them with paint brushes! They will still get an exercise in fine motor movement while stimulating their visual senses with bright big colors on the white canvas.


Here’s a good look at some of the materials we’ll be using. You can see the relative size of the Fingerpaint Flower to the 8.5 x 11″ printout of our student’s portrait. It’s huge! The great thing is that it’s perfect for a standard size of portrait.

My suggestion is to take informal class photographs of your students (get parents’ consent first)! Next, upload the photos and print full size to 8.5 x 11″ paper. You don’t have to do full color like we’ve done, but black and white printouts work well too! Use simple editing techniques on your photograph software to lighten or darken your students’ portraits. If it’s more efficient to make smaller photos, experiment with the size of the printout and see what works best!

P1018673Let’s get ready to make room in the Fingerpaint Flower for our students’ portraits!

P1018675Cut out a test photo of the appropriate size for the portraits. Basically, you will need to trace and cut out a large oval that will fit your students’ portraits. Note: You won’t be able to use this test photo afterwards, so be sure to print out an image that can be discarded.


Trace the outline of the test photo onto the center of the Fingerpaint Flower. Outline in black marker. Now you can pass the Fingerpaint Flower to your students!


Loosely fold the Fingerpaint Flower in half. Cut across the center of the drawn circle to make a slit. This will help your students cut out the center circle with ease.


Cut out the center along the black marker line.


Make sure that the test photo fits snugly. Note: Discard the test photo after this step!


Lay down the newspaper sheets to protect your work surface before painting!

To ensure that the Fingerpaint Flowers don’t curl up when your students paint them, flip the flowers over to the back. Make quick brushstrokes with some spare paint all around the petals, the stem and leaves. Since you are using a light coat, the paint will dry fairly fast so your students can get started on painting!


Use fingerpaint to color all the flower petals. You can also use paintbrushes to help spread the paint faster. I chose a bright yellow color here. Ask your students to visualize what their final flowers will look like. If they’d like to decorate it with crayon or more fingerpaint designs, choose light colors for the flower background. If students would like to make cutouts and paste the cutouts on, use darker colors.

P1018719While you are waiting for the petals to dry, paint the stem and leaves green.

Flowers should take only about 10 minutes to dry and even faster in sunlight! Once the flowers are dry, choose one of three ways to decorate the Fingerpaint Flower, or come up with your own ideas! To see each of the following options, scroll further down, or click on the links below to jump directly to the various techniques.

Construction Paper Cutouts

Crayon Illustrations

Fingerpaint Designs

Construction Paper Cutouts

Design paper cutouts to decorate your Fingerpaint Flower. Works well with most paint colors.

P1018726You will need a variety of decorative scissors, colorful construction paper and a pencil, if required.

P1018730Cut out very basic V shapes from the construction paper (you can use scrap paper to fill up the flower design too)! I changed it up every so often and did a loose M shape. To help your students cut the shapes out, use the pencil to write various M’s or V’s on the sheet.


Change up your scissors for another type. Cut out swirls from the paper. The best way to do this is to keep cutting as you go around in a circle. Gradually make the curve smaller and smaller until it reaches the center. You have to distinguish the swirls, however, so to do this, you will need to go back over the cut you made and cut a bit closer to the edge until you hit the center again. Remove the scrap piece and lay flat. See how the swirls show through?


Glue all the cutouts down onto the flower.

Crayon Illustration

Now for the second technique, using crayons!


Choose an assortment of bright bold crayons. You really want the colors to pop out! Start by drawing a wavy line at the base of each flower petal. Draw a second line right below the first.


Color the resulting bands of wavy lines in with crayon.

P1018759Add in alternating dots and color in.

P1018760Add another set of alternating dots in another color.

P1018763Draw a sunburst around the center of the flower.

Fingerpaint Designs

For our final technique, use fingerpaints to add designs to the flowers! Keep paper towel and a paint tray handy for any spills or messes that may occur.


Use a bright color to paint circles in the center of each petal.

P1018778Fingerpaint a curved line beneath each dot.

P1018780Take a darker fingerpaint color and paint diamond shapes in between each petal. Dab on more fingerpaint where needed to fill in the design.

Now to assemble the Fingerpaint Flower!

P1018741You will need tape and the printout of your students’ portrait.


Flip the Fingerpaint Flower over to the back. Place the printout portrait-side down onto the flower. Tape the sides down.


Flip over and check to make sure the portrait is in the center of the flower. Lookin’ good!

To turn your students’ Fingerpaint Flowers into a classroom garden, you’ll need to make a decorative garden fence. Luckily enough, we’ve got just the one you need!

Download the Flower Faces Fence template PDF here!


While everyone is waiting for the Fingerpaint Flowers to dry, print out and distribute this template to your students. The template prints out onto regular 8.5 x 11″ paper. Each Fingerpaint Flower will need to be covered by one or two of these fences.


Color in the fence with crayon. Get creative with your fence colors! Cut out the fence graphic once it is colored in.


Use sticky tack or tape to paste your flowers up on a school wall. The fence goes in a straight line right across the stem and leaves.

If you make an entire classroom garden, we’d love to see it! Send us photos or contact us through the contact form so we can share your project with the rest of the blog world.


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Craft Spotlight: Fingerpaint Flower


Big, bold and bright, Fingerpaint Flowers are the perfect art activity to paint out in the spring air! The best part about fingerpainting outside is that it adds another dimension of sensory development: not only are students using fingerpaints to stimulate finger movement, but the warmth of the sunlight will warm up the paint and the fingerpainting paper!

You don’t have to get the students to paint the entire flower. It can serve as a group activity! For younger students, paint sections of the flower petals. Some students may get a bit overwhelmed by the size of the fingerpainting canvas. Focus each student on painting one small space at a time, like one petal out of the whole flower. This will help students to narrow down their fingerpainting.


The R75422 Big! Huge! Fingerpaint Flowers can be painted then used as classroom decorations. Make a giant fingerpaint flower garden!

Once the paint on the Fingerpaint Flower is dry, paste other materials such as yarn, scrap paper, sequins, glitter glue and more to decorate! Add fun designs or patterns to the flower petals with markers or crayons.

To view more ideas in the instructional guide, click here!


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Craft Spotlight: Masterpiece Fingerpaint Frames


Make a work of art out of every fingerpainting session! Simply slip students’ fingerpaint artwork underneath any one of our R75421 Masterpiece Fingerpainting Frames

Each of the Masterpiece Fingerpainting Frame packages comes with special fingerpaint paper that slips perfectly into each of the frames. Use regular fingerpaint on the paper.


To enhance students’ sensory awareness, we asked the art campers to close their eyes as they fingerpainted. Many of the campers loved the freedom they experienced with fingerpainting. Instead of painting a specific image, students could simply blend colors together and take delight in getting ‘messy’ without much clean-up needed.


To make their fingerpainted backgrounds even more intriguing, we dripped a blob of one paint color onto one side of the paper, then took another color and repeated the same for the opposite side.


This art camper blended similar colors together: Red and orange. To make her painting more distinguishable, she decided to create patterns in the paint with her fingers.


The frames are die-cut into 6 beautiful designs. Choose from a gecko, butterfly, fish, frog, turtle or bird. The colors your students choose in their fingerpainting artwork will show through the stylized designs. Pop out the die-cut pieces from the rest of the frame. 

To slip the fingerpainted background into the Masterpiece Fingerpaint Frames, locate the tabs on the sides of the frame. Lift the tabs up and slip the edge of the fingerpaint paper in. Secure the paper on all four sides of the frame.


Try out a variety of different fingerpainted backgrounds! Change up the background to give your masterpiece a new look.



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Fingerprint Caterpillars

This art project is perfect for exercising fine motor skills! Crayon rubbings create natural images of leaves for special fingerpaint caterpillars to rest on. PLUS: This week we’re launching our challenge section for each craft! Try out the challenge below … Continue reading