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Mosaic Play!

Our R15639 Spectrum Mosaics were featured in a project at a local daycare! Here’s a few photos of the projects these crafters put together! R15639 Spectrum Mosaics come in a variety of different colors and are double-sided, so kids will get surprised at the color they see on the opposite side. These mosaics were used… View more

Craft Spotlight: Yoga Cards

Get outside and STRETCH! R62011 Yoga Cards feature printed images of recognizable things, such as a hot air balloon or a tree and an accompanying yoga position. Our Art Campers exercised with a ton of different poses. Check out more below! Full instructions for Yoga Cards can be found here. Access breathing tips, detailed descriptions… View more

Finger Paint Flower Faces

Paste up personalized Fingerpaint Flowers along a school hallway and celebrate all the great things your students have accomplished so far in the school year! Like our post and subscribe today to our blog to see more craft projects like this! Age: 5+ Duration: 15-20 minutes You’ll Need: • R75422 Big! Huge! Fingerpaint Flower •… View more

Craft Spotlight: Fingerpaint Flower

Big, bold and bright, Fingerpaint Flowers are the perfect art activity to paint out in the spring air! The best part about fingerpainting outside is that it adds another dimension of sensory development: not only are students using fingerpaints to stimulate finger movement, but the warmth of the sunlight will warm up the paint and the… View more