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Make Marvelous Marble Marquetry

Marquetry is the art of using thin pieces of veneer to craft beautiful images and patterns. Now you can create your own beautiful marble marquetry!  Age: 5+ Duration: 15-30 minutes Learning Outcomes: Practice fine motor skills while you cut and fold. Encourage early geometry by talking about different shapes, patterns, and types of symmetry. You’ll Need:… View more

Spotlight On: Fraction Friends Mosaics

These bright, beautiful circles are printed with fraction lines to create precise, proportional and pretty works of art! Fraction Friends Mosaics are multi-purpose classroom tools! Designed with both art and math lessons in mind, these circles make a set of unique math manipulatives for early numeracy and a student’s introduction to fractions. Sort and count… View more

Really Big Tangrams

We scaled up these tans to scale up the fun of  solving tangrams! Get ready to have fun with our Really Big Tangrams! You’ll have to make a lot of room on the floor for this huge version of the classic Chinese dissection puzzle. Learn to use mathematical principles by arranging the 7 pieces, called… View more

Spotlight On: Number Dolls

Make math cuddly and explore early numeracy with these brightly colored, size-scaled dolls! Even the most reluctant learner will want to engage with these plush, smiling dolls. Ranging in size from a 3 1/2″ doll in the shape of a 1 to a 6 1/4″ doll shaped like a 9, the numeric value of each… View more

Light Learning: Numbers

Appeal to the senses while counting and creating simple equations!   For students with fidgety fingers, these squishy numbers and math signs make math tactile. The small disc inside each number allows students to develop fine motor skills. Children will quickly learn how to propel the disc by tapping the number in different areas. We… View more

Sponge Paint Christmas Tree

Sponge Paint Christmas Tree

Integrate early geometry and holiday spirit with this adorable craft! Sponge painting is a tactile and fun activity! By combining our R55009 Shape Sponges with tempera paint and some old-fashioned Christmas Spirit, we have come up with a great way to integrate early geometry and holiday art! Age: 3+ Duration: 15-20 minutes (plus drying time)… View more

Math Mystery Mini Booklet

Can YOU solve this math mystery? Today we are demonstrating a fun activity that uses our technique for folded mini booklets, and will help get kids excited about math! Challenge each student to write their own math mystery, then mix them up and challenge their peers to solve the mysteries. Age: 5+ Duration: 15 minutes Learning Outcomes: Explore… View more

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