Decorative Tree Ornaments


Add a personal touch to your decorations this holiday season with a beautiful and surprisingly simple craft ornament. It requires nothing more than some decorative paper and a few yards of yarn!

Age: 4+

Duration: 15 minutes

You’ll Need:

R15420 Black and White Paper/ R15200 Patterned Paper ClasspackR15203 Decorative Hues Paper / R15421 Double -Sided Rainbow Paper / R15409 Economy Metallic Paper / R15289 All Kinds of Fabric Paper/ R15256 Amazing Animal Paper / R15263 Tie-Dry Craft Paper/ R15303 Retro Pop Paper

• Yarn

• Scissors

• Tape

• Ruler

• Protractor

Line-03This would be a great opportunity to introduce children on how to use a protractor to make angles. For this activity, children will use protractors to make different sizes of semi-circles for the cone shapes.

IMG_7791Select the different types of paper you would like to use in your Christmas tree ornament. Our trees have 4-5 tiers to them. If you would like to make the trees smaller, simply leave out the two interior tiers.

IMG_7797Lay the ruler horizontally across the length of the paper. For the largest and last tier, place the first point at the middle of the ruler. Draw a semi-circle from one corner of the page to the opposite corner.

IMG_7799The second tier should feature a semi-circle that is about 9″ in width.

IMG_7801The third tier should feature a semi-circle that is 6″ in width.


The last tier should feature a semi-circle that is about 4½” in width.

IMG_7806Cut out each of the semi-circles.

IMG_7809Roll the semi-circles into cones and secure the edges together with tape. Note: When you roll up the cones, be sure to leave a bit of an opening at the top. You’ll need the opening to thread string through.


Tie a knot at the bottom of the yarn. String the rest of the yarn through the opening in the top of the cone. Continue to thread the yarn through the rest of the cones.

IMG_7819Simply make a loop from the yarn and place onto a tree branch or hang in a window.


How are you decorating your classroom for the winter holidays? Send us photos of your inventive craft decorations to!

Stained Glass Christmas Ornaments

Stained Glass Christmas Ornaments

31100 Stainglass Ornaments Collection

Need a fast and fabulous Christmas craft? These beautiful ornaments are the perfect project to spread holiday cheer!

Age: 4+

Duration: 10 minutes

Learning Outcomes: Explore the symbolism behind common Christmas emblems. Create beautiful take-home art that can be given as a gift. Exercise fine motor skills.

You’ll Need: 


These ornaments are quick and simple to put together. Start by simply popping out the die-cut frames. Next, pop out the internal pieces, and set the frames aside.

Lay the internal pop-out on the stained glass paper and use a pencil to draw around the internal pop out. Make sure that you leave at least 1/4″ of space around the internal pop out so you have enough space to tape the stained glass paper into the frame. Cut out your stained glass pieces, and tape them to the inside (the white side) of the frames. Make sure to leave the small round hole at the top open!

Once your stained glass pieces are taped in place, fold the frame over and tape closed.

To finish off your stained glass ornament, cut a 6″ piece of yarn. Thread the yarn through the small round hole at the top of your ornament, and knot the loose ends into a circle. This will allow you to hang your ornament on your Christmas tree!

ornaments on tree.jpg

Have family members who don’t celebrate Christmas? Gift them the snowman or snowflake ornament and suggest they hang it in a window! Sunlight streams through the stained glass paper beautifully, and adds cheer to winter months.

ornaments on window.jpg


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Project Spotlight: Paper Globes


Make beautiful paper globes with colorful paper designs, pre-cut and scored for easy assembly! Hang the globes up on a Christmas tree or decorate one of our mobile bases with the globes.

The Paper Globes feature 8 different color schemes. Each of the color schemes includes 1 solid color and 1 patterned circle. The patterns are all coordinated to work with the solid color circles. Mix and match to make your own combinations! See what works for you.


Each circle is pre-cut with slots. Use the slots to easily slide the circles into each other. You can invert the sides to show through the opposite side of the paper circle you use. The best part about the Paper Globes is that they do not require gluing, so you can turn a craft session into a less-mess experience!


Each pack of Paper Globes will make 16 globes in total. When you have created your globes, punch a hole through the top and tie a length of string or ribbon. With the holiday season approaching, it’s a good idea to consider decorating your tree with easy-to-make ornaments like these!

Alternatively, run a ribbon through the paper globes to make a decorative garland. Hang up the garland on a wall or decorate a ledge in your classroom!


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Christmas Tree Flourish Ornaments

Feature-Image-CurlDecorationsAdd a fancy touch to your Christmas tree or include it in your holiday classroom decorations. The glitter can be a bit messy to work with, but in this craft, your students won’t have to get their hands in it! Super simple and stunning–that’s what we like!

Age: 5+

Duration: 15-20 minutes

You’ll Need:

R15305 Renaissance Era Paper

• Glitter

• Scissors

• Glue

• Paper plates

• Ruler


You can use any one of our decorative papers to customize your own flourish ornament. When you’re done making the ornaments, send us a picture of how they look like on your Christmas tree!

IMG_7925Paper plates will come in handy when adding glitter to your flourish ornament!

CurlDecoFoldCut-AnimationFirst, fold your paper lengthwise in half, then fold once again. Unfold your paper, to reveal three fold lines in total. Cut along the fold lines to separate the paper into four equal strips.

IMG_7933To make the curls on your flourish ornament, fold one strip of paper in half. Press the edge of a ruler to the underside (unprinted part) of one half of the paper strip. Stabilize the top of the paper with your thumb and pull the ruler with your thumb over the remaining length of the paper strip. This will curl the paper inwards.

Repeat for the opposite side of the paper strip.

IMG_7934Do the same for the remainder of the paper strips.

CurlDecoGluing-AnimationNext, glue the edges of your paper curls together. Join the edges together and fan the curls outwards from the center.

CurlDecoGlitter-AnimationFill the bottom of one paper plate with glue. Fill the bottom of a second paper plate with glitter. Dip one side of the flourish ornament in the glue. Lift, then dip the same side down into the glitter. Remove and set aside to dry.

IMG_7948Thread a length of string through the top of the flourish ornament and tie a knot at the opposite end. Now it’s ready to hang!


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Christmas Paper Chains

Feature-Image-ChristmasPaperChainsEveryone can add to this beautiful decorative chain! This post is a part of our special week series of Christmas/Winter crafts that you can use in the classroom. Stay tuned for more posts upcoming this week and the next!

Age: 5+

Duration: 15 minutes

You’ll Need:

15351 Cut & Fold Circles

• Scissors

• Glue


This craft is very similar to yesterday’s craft: you’ll need to fold the paper and make several cuts with scissors. The final step requires you to glue all the pieces together to make a decorative paper chain.

IMG_7827The Cut & Fold Circles pack comes in a variety of colors. Alternate colors or use all the colors of the rainbow!

FoldingCircleAnimationFold a Cut & Fold Circle in half 3 times.


You should be left with a pie-slice shape. Cut three lines from the fold line. Cut up to just below the edge on the other side of the pie-slice.

IMG_7836Repeat the same from the opposite fold line. Cut these three lines in between the first three lines, so you make a zig-zag lightning shape with the lines. Remember not to cut all the way through the pie-slice!

IMG_7837Unfold the pie-slice back into a circle. This is what your line cuts should look like.

GluingCircleAnimationTo glue the circles together, first lay a circle with the colorful side facing down. Carefully dab the glue onto 4 points of the circle. Next, place a second circle, with the colorful side facing up on top of the first circle. Align the edges together so that the cuts exactly overlap each other. Put a bit of glue in the center of the colored circle and press the next circle (color side facing down) onto the previous circle.

Repeat these steps with all of the remaining circles.


Wait for the glue to dry!


Grab both ends of the paper chain and gently spread apart.

Now you can hang up the paper chain wherever you like! Time to decorate your classroom for the winter holidays.


Send us photos of your paper chains to! We’d love to see your classroom decorations!

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