Stained Glass Christmas Ornaments

Stained Glass Christmas Ornaments

31100 Stainglass Ornaments Collection

Need a fast and fabulous Christmas craft? These beautiful ornaments are the perfect project to spread holiday cheer!

Age: 4+

Duration: 10 minutes

Learning Outcomes: Explore the symbolism behind common Christmas emblems. Create beautiful take-home art that can be given as a gift. Exercise fine motor skills.

You’ll Need: 


These ornaments are quick and simple to put together. Start by simply popping out the die-cut frames. Next, pop out the internal pieces, and set the frames aside.

Lay the internal pop-out on the stained glass paper and use a pencil to draw around the internal pop out. Make sure that you leave at least 1/4″ of space around the internal pop out so you have enough space to tape the stained glass paper into the frame. Cut out your stained glass pieces, and tape them to the inside (the white side) of the frames. Make sure to leave the small round hole at the top open!

Once your stained glass pieces are taped in place, fold the frame over and tape closed.

To finish off your stained glass ornament, cut a 6″ piece of yarn. Thread the yarn through the small round hole at the top of your ornament, and knot the loose ends into a circle. This will allow you to hang your ornament on your Christmas tree!

ornaments on tree.jpg

Have family members who don’t celebrate Christmas? Gift them the snowman or snowflake ornament and suggest they hang it in a window! Sunlight streams through the stained glass paper beautifully, and adds cheer to winter months.

ornaments on window.jpg


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Repurposed Brown Paper Art (Christmas Edition)


We always hear about great ways to get kids thinking creatively, while doing some sort of double duty. By this, I mean putting down brown packing paper onto tables to protect the surfaces, while giving kids the ability to draw or doodle to their hearts’ content! Well… what do you do with that paper after it’s all done? Read on for more, but a word of advice: DON’T throw it away!!

Age: 3+

Duration: 15 minutes

Learning Objectives: Create artistic talent, generate creative thinking skills. Repurpose old art in a new and fun way.

You’ll Need:

  • Brown Wrapping Paper
  • Markers/pencil crayons/crayons/pens
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon


Click to view slideshow.

Over the years, we’ve worked with children at various art camps and picked up a few pointers along the way. One of our good educator friends gave us this hint: cover up workspaces with brown wrapping paper. Get the students to doodle when they are bored or need some creative stimulation. It’s always good to have a canvas available at all times!

But what do you do with it when it’s all filled up?


Remove the brown drawing paper off the table and cut the best artwork out into large rectangles (about a meter or yard wide, depending on how big the previous workspace was).


Flip the rectangle sheet over. Place a boxed item such as a new toy or a small keepsake into the center of the wrapping paper.


Fold in the long sides. Cut off any of the excess and tape the two edges in place. Fold down the sides as you would for wrapping a gift and cut off any other excess. Tape the sides closed.


This is what you’ll be left with after you flip it right side up.


To give your wrapped present extra special flair, add on a gold ribbon or bow. Tie it in the center and curl the ribbon with scissors.


A great way to spread Christmas or birthday cheer any time of year!


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Getting Creative with our 60170 Constructa Clips Creative Animal Set!


A few years ago, we spent the day at the Design Exchange Museum in Toronto putting together a few activities with the kids. One of those activities was our R60170 Constructa Clips Safari Animals set, also known as our Creative Animal Set! Check out what the campers made!


Campers popped out the pieces of the Safari Animals kit, then started assembling them with the provided Constructa Clips. This is a great little kit for kids who love to tinker with their creations.


They were working away like Santa’s elves to make the coolest little toys!


We’ve included full-color instructions to help you put together the unique toys. Experiment a little and see what kinds of combinations your students come up with…


Like this one! Go wild with your designs and have hours of fun this holiday season with a kit that’s bound to be a hit in your classroom.


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