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Hatch a Baby Dinosaur This Spring

Hatch a Baby Dinosaur This Spring

Most young children are fascinated by dinosaurs. They are curious about these mighty creatures that lived millions of years ago. Where did the dinosaur come from? Today we are going to introduce a hatching baby dinosaurs craft activity that children will love. This is a great class activity when you are teaching about dinosaurs.  You… View more

Let’s Make A Window Cling!

  Age: 4+ Duration: 30 minutes (or more, depending on your design preferences), plus drying time. Learning Outcomes: We’re going to be mixing ingredients, painting and decorating with our creations.  We can learn about the subjects related to our rubbing plates, nature, science, etc. And, we can even have a discussion about sunlight and color… View more

Steampunk Gears Mask

Steampunk glorifies sci-fi without advanced technology! Get kids excited about this unique sci-fi genre and the beautiful artwork the genre has inspired with this sparkly mask! Age: 5+ Duration: 20 minutes (plus drying time) Learning Outcomes: Get creative juices flowing with this activity. Talk about a popular literary genre and the art and fashion aesthetics it inspired…. View more

Art-A-Roni Rainbow

This adorable mobile is a terrific take-home craft! Practice stringing, fine motor skills and color coordination with this tactile, beautiful craft. Age: 4+ Duration: 15 minutes Learning Outcomes: Explore the science of rainbows! Practice fine motor skills. You’ll Need: R2111 Art-A-Roni® Colored Noodles R2195 Little Shape Beads Paper Plate Cotton Balls Yarn White Glue Scissors Hole Punch Start… View more

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Craft

This craft perfectly combines early geometry with Thanksgiving cheer! In order for creativity to flourish, students need a solid understanding of the fundamentals. What underpins the fundamentals is vocabulary. A student has to be able to describe their world and what they see before they can change it and create new things. This activity is… View more

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