Our What’s Inside Me Doll won a 2017 Independent Toy Awards Commendation!

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Toy Shop UK is celebrating our R59257 What’s Inside Me Doll!

From the UK Toy Industry Awards website:

About the awards
Our awards enjoy unrivalled respect within the toy industry, thanks to being voted for – not by “experts”, “testers” or “panels” – but by those at the sharpest end of the industry… the nation’s independent toy retailers.

We are uniquely positioned to host such awards, thanks to our ever-growing network of over 900 independent toy retailers that list themselves on this website for free.

Thanks to the wholly democratic entry and voting process, the typically eclectic list of winners is made up of all kinds of companies… from household name behemoths to fledgling start-ups.

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We are so proud that our cuddly doll has been recognized! To help celebrate, this post expands on the different organs included with our What’s Inside Me Doll.


doll in box.jpg

Do you want to be a doctor someday? Well then this is the place to start! Unbutton the flaps on your doll and explore! What are the names of the different organs? What do they do? Once you have taken out all the organs try putting them back in the right places. You probably know what shape a Valentine heart is. Is it the same shape as a human heart? Name the shapes of all the organs! Why is it important to know the different organs? Well… Organs help make our bodies work properly and are parts of the different systems that keep our bodies working. Systems all do different tasks in the body and they work together to keep us healthy. It is very important for doctors to know what the organs in the body are called and what they do. That way if something isn’t working properly they can figure out how to fix it. Doctors are the experts on the human body!


The heart is the organ that is responsible for pumping blood through your body. Did you know the heart is a muscle? You have probably felt your heart beat faster after running. That means your heart got a workout as well as your legs! Your heart is part of you cardiovascular system. Doctors who study the heart are called Cardiologists. When you go see a doctor they will usually listen to your heart beating with a special tool called a stethoscope. The heart has four chambers in it. The top two are called the atria. The bottom two are called ventricles. They help your heart pump blood by contracting and expanding to move blood through it. If you squeeze the doll’s heart, you will hear the sounds of a heartbeat!


The Stomach is the organ that helps you digest your food. That means it breaks down your food into nutrients that your body uses to give you energy! The stomach is part of your digestive system. Doctors who study your stomach and digestive system are called gastroenterologists. Did you know that your stomach is comfortable when you have a liter of food in it? Your stomach uses acids to break down your food. Why doesn’t the acid break your stomach down? Because the stomach makes a protective layer of mucus that stops the acid from digesting it. If you squeeze the doll’s stomach you will hear a gurgling noise!


Your Intestines are part of your Excretory system. Did you know that there are two types of intestines? You have a large intestine and a small intestine. The small intestine is about 3cm in diameter and can be between 15 and 32 feet! The large intestine is about 5 feet long. That makes it shorter than the small intestine! Your intestines break down the nutrients in your food even more. They reabsorb any water that is still in the fecal matter before the waste is eliminated. If something is wrong with your intestines you call you gastroenterologist to fix it!


The lungs are the organ that let you breathe. They are part of the respiratory system. Respiratory comes from the word respiration which is the scientific word for breathing. Doctors who study lungs are called pulmonologists. Humans have a right lung and a left lung connected by the bronchial tubes. Did you know your right lung is bigger than your left lung? This is because the left lung has to share space with your heart. Doctors can hear your lungs by using a stethoscope! If you squeeze the doll’s lungs, you will hear the sound of breathing!

kidneys bladder.jpg

The bladder is the organ that stores your urine until you have to use the bathroom. The bladder is connected to your two kidneys by two tubes called the ureters. Working together these three organs are a part of the Urinary (or Renal) system. The kidneys remove waste and extra water from your body. There are two kinds of doctors who study the Urinary system: Nephrologists and Urologists.


The liver is an organ that does lots of different things! The liver is part of your digestive system and it produces bile. Bile is a liquid that helps break down food. Your liver is responsible for cleaning your blood. This means your liver stores the nutrients your body can use and sends what your body can’t use to your intestines and bladder to be expelled when you use the bathroom. Just like doctors who study your stomach a doctor who studies the liver is called a gastroenterologist!


Your brain is the organ that lets you think and feel. It controls and is a part of your nervous system. You may have heard people say that your brain is a muscle. Your brain is made of different kinds of cells than your muscles, so while the brain isn’t really a muscle, you DO have to practice thinking to be good at it, just like you have to practice running to be good at it. Your brain is responsible for your five basic senses, your ability to talk and understand language and to feel emotions. Your brain is protected by your skull. Doctors who study the brain and nervous system are called neurologists.

Your skull, spine and rib cage are also organs! Bones make up your skeletal system. The skeletal system is what gives your body the structure to allow you to stand or sit upright. Your spine helps you stand up. It is made from many little bones called vertebrae. Your rib cage protects your heart and lungs from damage. Did you know you have 206 bones in your body? If you ever break a bone, the doctor who can fix it is called an Orthopedic doctor.


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