Craft Spotlight: Stand Up Letters

DSCF7019Our newest product addition: R49702 Stand Up Letters! Students can color in and decorate the letters, adding their own unique touch with collage materials, stickers, mosaics and more! The Stand Up Letters are perfect for helping students picture exactly how each letter looks like–since they stand out so well!

Stand Up Letters can be used for a variety of literacy projects! Click on the link to visit our full product webpage.

• Younger students can trace the inside of the Stand Up Letters to help build their fine motor skills and get them prepared for learning how to write the letters individually!

• Older students can spell their names with the letters.

• Draw on images that match the letter (i.e. Cat for the letter ‘C’ and so on).

• Use the letters to teach the differences between consonants and vowels!

• Students can also play a spelling game that’s a version of Boggle Letters! Choose 3-5 assorted consonants and vowels and encourage the students to spell out words with the provided letters.

View more ideas here in the PDF guide!

The Stand Up Letters are made from sturdy card to help reinforce the folded letter when it’s placed upright.


The video below shows how to set up and decorate the Stand Up Letters.


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