Double Color Card Festive Sun

Colored Card Sun LFBA

Experiment with our amazing R22052 Double Color Card Sheets to make beautiful festive suns! Use scraps from the sun ray templates to make the colorful mosaic center.Summer is all about color, light and fun times–celebrate the best things about this season with this fun craft! You can hang the suns on a wall as part of a summer display or attach them to a mobile.

Age: 5-10

Duration: 20 minutes

You’ll Need:

• R22052 Double Color Card Sheets

• Template Sun Rays

• Scissors

• Glue

• Tape

Line-12This is a pretty simple craft thanks to our R22052 Double Color Card Sheets. Both sides of the card sheets are printed with color, which allows students to mix and match the colors as they please.


Print out the Sun Rays template for each project. We’ve made 6 different designs to choose from. You can vary the styles any way you like! Mix the wavy sun rays with the curved triangular rays or the linear triangle sun rays with the grooved sun rays. The similarly styled sun rays are different sizes. You can order the rays around the sun by pattern (such as big-small-big-small) or experiment with a whole variety of styles.

Try out different colors too! Use any color you want–the more colors will bring out the most sizzle!

P6182514Cut out the templates and place onto one R22052 Double Color Card Sheet. Trace the template onto the sheet and cut out. Reuse the templates to make more rays for the circumference of the sun.

P6182518You will get about six or seven sun rays out of one Double Color Card Sheet. Don’t stare at it for too long! 😉 Tip: Save all your scraps for later!

P6182505Cut out the circle for the sun using a bowl. The bowl needs to fit inside the Double Color Card Sheet. Our Classroom Bowls make great storage for collage materials or paint! Another function is using them as stencils! Tip: Save all the scraps from the Double Color Card Sheets for later!


Cut out the outline for the circle. You can arrange the sun rays onto the circumference of the sun circle to see how it all looks before you start taping.

P6182521Place the sun rays all along the circle’s edge. Tape the ends down to the back of the sun.

P6182522Lift up each ray along the tape’s edge. Dab a bit of glue under the sun’s ray and onto the back of the sun. Press the ray back down to adhere it fully.


Here I added more sun rays to the back of the sun. I interspersed some larger sun rays with smaller sun rays and alternated the colors, too!


Remember to add glue to the underside of the sun rays! This helps to secure it in place and keeps the rays from bending backward.

P6182529Flip over the sun to reveal bright, beautiful and bold colors!

P6182531Use the scraps from cutting out the sun’s rays for the mosaic centers. Keep snipping at angles to cut the scraps into triangles. The mosaics can be all different sizes and don’t need to all be the same. Flip over the Double Card mosaic pieces to get different colors.

P6182534Arrange a handful of mosaics onto the center of the sun. Flip over and rotate the triangles to fit perfectly into the center. Leave space between the triangle mosaics so that parts of the sun’s center can show through. You can arrange the mosaics by color or by size. Randomize the colors as I’ve done for the sun example above, or try putting similar colors together (scroll down to see the green sun example–I arranged the purple, blue and teal mosaics all into their own sections).

Try out different combinations! How did it turn out for you?

P6182537Glue down the mosaics pieces. Punch a hole through the tip of one sun ray. Thread string through the hole and hang.


Beautiful festive suns are all you need to liven up your wall space!


Show us your festive sun artwork for summer! Send photos of your work to us to get featured in an upcoming post! Contact us through the contact form. We’d love to hear from you.