Double Color Card Sheets


Double color cardstock is a basic necessity for any craft stockpile. These sheets are cut the perfect size for making greeting cards, frames, report covers and almost anything you can imagine. Here are a few ideas to jumpstart your card stock craft:

Make dimensional greeting cards: Fold a sheet of card stock in half to form the base of your greeting card. Choose another sheet of cardstock that you will use to cut out shapes to paste to your greeting card base. With a different color on each side, 3D card shapes pasted to the base become interesting and trendy. Use collage materials to dress up the front of your greeting card. You can use beads, buttons, ribbon, colored rice, macaroni and even twigs and leaves. Use markers or glitter glue to write your greeting.

Make a double layer picture frame:
Using a 4 x 6” photo, measure your frame space for the first layer of the frame. For a vertical frame you will cut a rectangle in the center of the colored cardstock that is 3 ¾ x 5 ¾”. For the second layer you will cut a rectangle in the center of another cardstock sheet that is 4 ¼ x 6 ¼”. Then trim 1/4” off each outside edge of the sheet for layer 2. These two layers, cut in two different sizes, will create the look of colored borders around your picture and your frame. Paste layer one and layer two together and tape your picture to the back of the frame. Finally, dress your frame up with collage materials of your choice.

Make a charming themed lampshade: Personalize a lampshade with cardstock shapes! Pick a couple sheets of colored cardstock that best fits the motif you want for your lampshade. Example: If you want to make a jungle themed shade, grab some green cardstock, draw some
vines and trees and cut them out. Use permanent spray adhesive to attach shapes to the lampshade.

Also great for: rewards, certificates, desk markers, mobiles, gift tags, nametags, journal covers. bulletin boards, presentations,
displays and much more!


Create double color crafts with these sturdy cardstock rectangles! Each sheet features a different, vibrant color on each side. Make frames, greeting cards and invitations. The possibilities are endless with this basic craft base!

100 sheets, 8 x 9″ (20 x 23 cm), Assorted double sided colors, Acid free AND Idea guide

Item #: R22052
Age: 4+
Made in USA


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