Newspaper Builders Pyramid

newspaper builders pyramid

We had the fantastic opportunity to visit THEMUSEUM in Kitchener, Ontario and build a pyramid with our R60550 Newspaper Builders! This worked out well for us since the museum was hosting their exhibit of ancient Egypt!

newspaper builders pyramid

The R60550 Newspaper Builders kit features 36 connectors and 200 rod tubes. The rod tubes are secured inside a sheet of newspaper at either end. Use tape to adhere the tubes to the inside of the roll. Roll up the newspaper, secure with tape, and you are ready to start building! We painted our newspaper sheets before we rolled them up.

newspaper builders pyramid

The connectors fit snugly into the tubes, and feature prongs that point in 30° angles. You can make multiple triangle shapes and combine them into a unique sculpture. These girls put together the top of our proposed structure: a pyramid!

newspaper builders pyramid

We first started with the base. Constructing the base is the most important part because it sets up how the rest of the sculpture will look.

newspaper builders pyramid

We split the campers into separate groups. This not only helped us complete the sculpture faster but also taught kids the experience of working on different parts that are pieced together to make a whole sculpture.

newspaper builders pyramid

We helped the campers connect the various parts together.

newspaper builders pyramid

And then we held it up while the finishing touches were added!

newspaper builders pyramid

It was a great experience for everyone!

newspaper builders pyramid

All standing and secure! The kids loved to crawl inside the structure, as it seemed like a little ‘house’!


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Guest Post! The Museum uses our Rolly Scrolly Paper!

THEMUSEUM in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada hosted their amazing “Unwrapping Egypt” exhibit this summer. Museum-goers could visit the exhibit and become immersed in the culture and beautiful history of Ancient Egypt. We at Roylco were lucky enough to participate in some of the children’s programming with our Rolly Scrolly Paper! Check out this special hieroglyphics project with a written commentary from the senior education interpreter!

Brent from THEMUSEUM gives his impressions of the project below! All photos are courtesy of THEMUSEUM unless otherwise noted.

To view the full blog post at the museum’s website, please visit the link here!

Brent says:

“Our current exhibition, Unwrapping Egypt, features a complete reproduction of the artifacts found in the tomb of King Tutankhamun. They’re adorned in marvellous colours and, more importantly, feature hieroglyphics, the pictorial symbols of the written ancient Egyptian language. To connect what campers have seen in our exhibition space, we decided to put their transcribing skills to the test using Roylco’s R15406 Rolly Scrolly Paper…

There are cool things written on scrolls, and they can be rolled and unrolled in such a way that is relatively unique. While children this age may have difficulties reading and writing, they are quite adept at applying intuitive thought processes to emulate what scripts might look like. Roylco’s Rolly Scrolly paper is a perfect medium to allow children of this age to express intuitive thought.

Our campers from 7-9 are able to recognize patterns with symbols more readily, and are intrigued by the discovery of novel patterns connecting what they’ve seen in the exhibit space.

This activity was a tremendous success in achieving our goal to awe, enlighten, and inspire our campers.”

Visit the whole blog post here!

Thank you so much to Brent for providing us with this awesome commentary!

Image and original post © THEMUSEUM

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