R15673 My First Mosaics


15673_My First Mosaics_Pile

Create your own fun characters with mix and match mosaics! Learn about basic human proportions and fun character costumes.

Students will love piecing the different cards together! Organizing the mosaics to make people pictures is a great way to develop critical thinking skills.

15673_My First Mosaics_Fan

The large size and simple “puzzle-like” artwork make them perfect for young children. Introduce mosaics to students with fun images of children in uniforms, fantasy costumes or historical clothes. Featuring bright colors and backgrounds to distinguish each set of character pieces. The characters are illustrated with a variety of props to help students identify them easily.

Each complete image is made of 3 mosaics; the head, body and legs.

Mix and match assorted pieces, then glue onto a sheet of card to make a funny, unique character. Makes a great “take home” art project!Line-10

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Craft Spotlight: Peel and Stick Making Faces

2014-08-14-FeatureImageMake hilarious faces with creative Peel & Stick face stickers! Choose from a wide selection of funky eyes, noses and mouths to decorate any object! This post details how the face stickers were used to decorate homemade maracas for a great sensory experience.

_DSC0361We used the stickers to decorate bottles filled with collage materials. These materials, when shaken, would produce a sound just like a maraca! To help our art campers characterize their individual bottles, we decided to put a fun face on each of them.

_DSC0362Here’s an art camper applying the stickers onto a bottle. This is a great exercise in facial proportions for your students. Apply two eye stickers side by side at the top of the bottle. Directly above each eye, place an eyebrow.

_DSC0363The best part is that the Peel & Stick face stickers are not specific facial features that should be placed in particular ways, but can be mixed and matched. For example, the shapes that look like mouths can be used as eyebrows! Alternatively, use noses for mouths and so on.

IMG_2292Here’s a look at how the Peel & Stick elements are being used to decorate this art camper’s bottle. The long mouth-like stickers are pasted all over the bottle like an abstract piece.

_DSC0364This art camper decided to put ears on this bottle! This particular piece can be used for a mouth as well, but is vague enough of a shape to give students the flexibility they need in their designs.

_DSC0366To make hair, we used scrapbook scissors to cut strips of tissue paper.

_DSC0367We laid the strips of tissue paper onto the bottle cap and tape them down.

IMG_2301Before capping the bottle, we filled it with beads, rice or some other collage material that will make a cool sound when shaken up.

IMG_2304Give it a try!


We let the art campers take off with their Peel & Stick Making Faces maracas to make some noise!

_DSC0386Here’s another look at a Peel & Stick Making Faces maraca!

IMG_2319And this one! Thanks for checking out this craft!

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