Project Spotlight: MRI Scan


Merge the upcoming Halloween celebration with a unit on human anatomy! The R59254 MRI Scan kit is perfect for introducing children to organs and tissues of the body. See how our art campers used critical thinking skills to put the body together! 


The images are printed on clear plastic mylar sheets that can be placed on top of a lightbox or illuminated with a flashlight. Each piece forms a part of a 5′ (1.5m) MRI scan that can be assembled using the placement guides. The placement guides are miniature images of the full MRI with red markings that indicate where to arrange each piece in the overall scale.


You can get students to set up the full body MRI while working in teams or individually.


It may take some time to place the parts in all the correct order, but practice makes perfect! To help your students assemble the pieces properly, ask them to consider how their own bodies look like.


The MRI pieces each fit perfectly on top of our R5911 True to Life Human X-Rays® which makes it a great resource for figuring out the placement of organs in relation to our large bone sections. You can describe the skeleton as a kind of support for all the organs in our body, and that it helps to hold everything together.


You can use our additional 2 organ overlays to get a further detailed look at various body systems, such as the circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems.


Once you have arranged all the pieces correctly, you can talk about muscle mass and how muscles are held together to the bones in our body.

In your learning unit, include a lesson on health and physical education. Talk about the benefit of building bone mass and muscle strength and include a few additions to your morning exercise routines to stimulate your students’ minds and bodies!


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