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Tropical Art-a-Roni Bracelets

2014-08-06-FeatureImageToday’s craft is pretty simple, but no less fun to try out! We’re making use of our extra-bright and colorful Tropical Art-A-Roni® Noodles to fashion exotic-looking bracelets. 

Age: 4+

Duration: 5-10 minutes

Learning Objectives: Develop manual dexterity while threading pasta beads through pipe cleaners and winding pipe cleaners around spiral pasta beads. Mix and match bright and fun colors for a range of interesting bracelet designs. Enhance visual stimulation while combining multiple bracelets into pleasing arrangements.

You’ll Need:

R2113 Art-A-Roni® Tropical Noodles

• Pipe cleaners


Making a tropical bracelet is a great way to get prepped for some summer fun at the beach! Our Tropical Art-A-Roni® Noodles are pre-dyed for you, eliminating the need to spend hours creating your own pasta noodle craft pieces for the classroom. One box is contains 1 pound (454g) of assorted colorful pasta noodles–just open and start crafting!

P8060076There are more than three kinds of noodles that we can use from the pack to make our bracelets. Although the noodles are mostly intended for gluing down, a neat technique allows you to use more noodles than you might think!

On the far left, I’ve placed our radiatori noodles. These look like mini shrunken spirals. In the middle, you will see our fusilli and cellentani noodles and on the far right, penne and rigatoni pasta noodles.


Pipe cleaners are usually made of a combination of a length of braided wire and woven fibers that make up the fuzzy part. You can press one end of the pipe cleaner against your finger and feel the point. This point can be squeezed into the hole of a radiatori–make sure that the pipe cleaner is straight enough to fit through. If you encounter a stubborn length of pipe cleaner, simply snip it off with a pair of scissors. Push the radiatori through to the desired point.

P8060080The penne is quite simple to thread through. Simply slide the pipe cleaner through the opening.

P8060082The fusilli are a bit tougher to thread through but with the versatility of the pipe cleaner, it is possible! Start at one end of the fusilli. Wind the pipe cleaner around the bottom of the fusilli then follow the spiraling track across the pasta noodle to the top.

P8060083Once you get the hang of it, it’s quite simple!

P8060086You can use the same technique with the fusilli as with the cellentani pasta noodles. You can see that I’ve filled up almost the entire length of the pipe cleaner with a variety of pasta noodles.

P8060088Once you are near the end of your length of pipe cleaner, twist it and tie off.

P8060091Here’s a selection of the various kinds of bracelets I made with pipe cleaners and a few choice Tropical Art-A-Roni Noodles®.

P8060094Make multiple kinds of bracelets and wear them all at once for an authentic tropical feel!


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