Leaf Rubbing Plate Name Badges

final craft

These beautifully detailed leaves make a great backdrop for name badges! This craft is perfect for “Getting to Know You” activities in the classroom. 

Age: 4+

Duration: 5 minutes

Learning Outcomes: Practice writing your name. Exercise fine motor skills.

You’ll Need:


This quick craft is perfect for the first week of school when everyone is getting to know each other. I started with three leaf rubbing plates and a sheet of tree paper (with the grain side up, the bark side doesn’t show the rubbings very well!).

step 1

Start by placing the rubbing plate underneath the tree paper. Three or four leaf rubbing plates fit on one sheet of tree paper, so this activity is great for small groups! Carefully hold both the rubbing plate and the sheet of paper in place, and rub the long edge of a crayon back and forth on the paper above the rubbing plate. The leaf pattern will be revealed!

step 3a

Once the rubbings are complete, have each child cut out their leaf, leaving a small border of tree paper around the crayon marks.

step 3b

Finally, ask each child to write their name on their leaf!

step 4

Once every student has a leaf name badge, they can be used in a variety of different ways:

  • Use a loop of tape on the back of each leaf to give each child a wearable name badge! These are a great tool during Meet and Greet activities.
  • Using two strips of packing tape, secure each leaf to each child’s desk (or place at their table). This creates a fun name placard!
  • Create a classroom display! Using brown butcher paper, create the outline of a tree and post the tree on the wall, classroom door or bulletin board. Have students tape their leaves to the tree to create a leafy “Who’s Who” for your classroom!


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