Light Cube: Why are x-rays so cool?


Our R5910 Animal X-Rays give your students a whole new way to observe the details of animal skeletons… especially when placed on the Light Cube! Turn your Light Cube corner into a vet clinic!


The R5910 Animal X-Rays are a great way to introduce students to learning about animal anatomy and how it is similar and/or different than human anatomy. We first asked our friend Jasmine to remove the provided image cards from the x-rays to see what types of animals we would be exploring. See everything from a snake to a rabbit, or a fish to a bird in this x-ray set!


Children are naturally drawn to exploring x-rays because they offer a whole new way to look at animal bodies. Seeing the framework for bones that make up the legs, for instance, helps children to compare to their own bodies and make references to what is similar, and what is different.


On the Light Cube, x-rays are even better seen. The Light Cube illuminates all the details in the white parts of the x-rays, showing off arrangements of miniature bones and how they all connect together.


Ask students to compare and contrast the x-rays to their image counterparts. Where do all the parts go and how can you orient the skeleton to fit within the outline of the animal shape? Compare the bone structure to other animals in the Animal X-Ray pack. How do the legs look like? How are the heads shaped differently or similarly to each other?


To make viewing the x-rays less intimidating for younger children, turn the Light Cube station into a veterinary office! Purchase a kid-friendly pair of stethoscopes and/or some plush animal toys that correspond with the x-rays provided. Ask students to diagnose how the animals are feeling using the stethoscopes and x-rays as veterinarian tools.

How cool is that?!

Tell us what kinds of activities you do with x-ray cards! What kinds of teaching methods do you employ and how do you incorporate fun into your learning activities?


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