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Math Mystery Mini Booklet

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Can YOU solve this math mystery?

Today we are demonstrating a fun activity that uses our technique for folded mini booklets, and will help get kids excited about math! Challenge each student to write their own math mystery, then mix them up and challenge their peers to solve the mysteries.

Age: 5+

Duration: 15 minutes

Learning Outcomes: Explore math facts and get to know students. Exercise fine motor, folding and scissor skills.

You’ll Need:


Start by folding your booklet. To learn how, click here!

Once your booklet is folded, each student will need 6 strips of white paper. Fold each strip in half. Then glue one folded strip to each page, so you have a “lift the flap” book.

Now it’s time to create your math mystery! Students will need to have five math facts about themselves. The answer to these questions can be things like age, shoe size, number of pets and number of family members.

The first pages of our booklet challenge students to discover the author’s age and number of pets.

The next pages ask about the number of people in the author’s family and the author’s shoe size.

The last pages have a math fact and the reveal page!

These books aren’t just a great way to practice math and introduce students to each other. It’s an excellent activity for parent nights!


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