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Light Learning: Uppercase Letters

girl with letters on light cube.jpg

Make literacy visual and tactile with these colorful, squishy letters! They are perfect for light table play!

Appeal to the senses while learning the alphabet and spelling simple words! For students with fidgety fingers, these squishy letters make learning language tactile. The small disc inside each letter allows students to develop fine motor skills. Children will quickly learn how to propel the disc by tapping the letter in different areas. We have doubled up on commonly used letters (A, D, E, H, I, L, N, O, R, S, T, U).  All the vowels are red!

letter alpahbet in lines

Develop fine motor skills! Ask students to move the small discs all the way around a letter. O’s and I’s are great for beginners, while Q, H and K are great to challenge older students.


Make glowing words! Use a light table or Roylco’s R59601 Light Cube to spell out student’s names, sight words, vocabulary words or pets’ names. Play with colors! Layer letters on top of one another to make new color combinations. This is a great activity for light table play.  For very young light learners these letters are fun to sort by color!

No light table? no problem! A small amount of water on one side of the letters makes them stick to the window. Take advantage of a sunny day and a big window to create a new way to play with light and language!

letter on window


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