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Big Alphabet Picture Stencils

big alphabet picture stencils

Teach literacy while exercising fine motor skills through tracing! Our specially designed Big Alphabet Pictures Stencils are the perfect compliment to early art and literacy learning.

The stencils feature an uppercase and lowercase letter along with an accompanying image that phonetically represents the letters. Place the letters down onto a sheet of paper. Show developing students how to hold the stencil down with one hand while using a pencil to trace the inner edges of the stencil.

Young students can use the resulting tracing to color in with markers or crayons. The stencils are intended to teach students about uppercase and lowercase letters. Uppercase letters are typically used at the beginnings of sentences, or to begin a person or city name. Lowercase letters are all the rest of the letters that come afterwards.

Older students can use multiple stencils to spell out their names. To help students develop their fine motor skills even further, place the stencils onto a bed of sand in your sensory tray. Ask students to trace the letters out with their fingers.


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