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Double Color Card City

paper card city

Let your little engineers create and build a city all their own using simple materials!

Age: 4+

Duration: 10 minutes

Learning Objectives: Fold unique sculptures to look like buildings using only card paper. Create colorful arrangements with the Double Color Card. Explore structural supports and designs through folded card shapes.

paper card city

You’ll Need:

R22052 Double Color Sheets

• Optional: R60160 Constructa Clips Creative Building Kit

• Flat surface, such as a table or a play center area

• Postal wrap paper (brown recycled paper)

• Tape

• Markers or crayons


paper card city

Lay all your materials out onto the flat surface. Cut the various sheets of Double Color Card into several large or smaller rectangle shapes. Crease the shapes at various points. You have to make at least 2 creases in the card. Older students can help crease the cards for the final activity.

paper card city

Creasing the cards at different points allows your students to make interesting shapes, from tall rectangles to cubes, triangular prisms and more!

engineering art

This exercise will allow students to explore ways to align the shapes together and make building sculptures. The objective is to create a little city using all of the shapes provided.

engineering art

Some students stacked multiple shapes together to give their structure more strength.

engineering art

Others figured out how to stack on top of one another to create unique building shapes.

engineering art

As the children aligned all their buildings into a coherent “neighborhood,” we encouraged them to draw streets and small markers onto the paper roll beneath. Make sure the secure the paper roll onto the table with tape!

engineering art

The exercise encouraged ongoing collaboration as students often would turn away from one section of the cityscape to work on another. Meanwhile, another student would modify the look of the previous building arrangements.

double color card sheet

It was an “organized chaos” as the sculptures were shifted around the table surface.

double color card sheet

There was some compromise that needed to be made when arranging the card buildings into different configurations. Some campers felt that the buildings each represented important municipal landmarks such as city hall, the library, museum, art gallery, fire station, subway, bank or hospital, and needed to be placed in certain areas rather than others.

double color card sheet

Here is a look at the finished city, although we still saw “development” in some parts!


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