Super Slick Craft Paper

15314 Super Slick Craft Paper fan web

Shape super shiny crafts with R15314 Super Slick Craft Paper!

Coming in 8 vibrant colors, it’s sure to add a pop to your everyday paper crafts. Not only is this perfect for cut-and-fold crafts, but it’s also thick enough for gluing projects too. Use permanent markers, gel pens, glitter glue pens or other paper shapes to decorate the paper. The back of each sheet has a matte finish that makes it easy to glue onto most surfaces.

15314 Super Slick Craft Paper art web


  • Make a bright lighthouse! Cut out different colored rectangles and squares to build a lighthouse. A square for the door, long rectangles for the stripes going up the lighthouse, etc. This is great for practicing shapes with smaller children. Use similar crafts with different shapes (circles, triangles etc.)
  • Design a house! Use old milk cartons or small cardboard boxes for a base. Wrap the house in your favorite color and cut out various shapes for doors, windows etc. and decorate.
  • Great for all types of crafts! Use to make wreaths, paper chains, custom greeting cards for special occasions/people and any other paper crafts you can think of!

Stay tuned for a Super Slick Craft Paper project post coming up this week!


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