Super Slick Craft Paper Wands


Design beautiful shape wands out of Super Slick Craft Paper for fun events in your classroom! Kids can take the wands home or use them in the classroom to answer questions, as props in drama class or for general fun and games. 

Age: 4+

Duration: 15 minutes

Learning Objectives:  Exercise scissor skills. Develop beautiful wands through planning and design. Use wands for practical purposes in the classroom or as a decoration.


You’ll Need:



Pick out a favorite shape from the Silly Stencils pack. You get double stencils from one as the inside turns into a stencil too! Get a sheet of Super Slick Paper and trace the design onto the back of the paper (the white side).

The Silly Stencils are made to reflect three types of difficulty levels; the yellow colored stencils feature the easiest shapes to trace, the red stencils are medium difficulty, while the blue stencils have the most challenging designs to trace.


Fold the sheet in half so that you cut out two opposite copies. Cut along your simple design.


You will have two shapes of opposite sides. Place the two shapes together so that the white sides are facing inside. Make sure that all the edges line up nicely and trim off any excess.


Tape the top of a drinking straw to the white side of a cutout. To make the straw more rigid, you can use straws from our Straws & Connectors!


For a nice addition to the wand, add on a flourish of colorful ribbon! Cut a long length of ribbon and tie it in the middle to the straw. Curl the ends with the blunt edge of a pair of scissors.


Tape or glue the second cutout to the opposite side of the wand. This will close up the project nicely!


You can make a variety of different shapes! Vary the way you choose to curl the ribbon. You can choose to color code your wands for various activities in the classroom or simply allow students to make their individual designs as they wish.


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Super Slick Craft Paper

15314 Super Slick Craft Paper fan web

Shape super shiny crafts with R15314 Super Slick Craft Paper!

Coming in 8 vibrant colors, it’s sure to add a pop to your everyday paper crafts. Not only is this perfect for cut-and-fold crafts, but it’s also thick enough for gluing projects too. Use permanent markers, gel pens, glitter glue pens or other paper shapes to decorate the paper. The back of each sheet has a matte finish that makes it easy to glue onto most surfaces.

15314 Super Slick Craft Paper art web


  • Make a bright lighthouse! Cut out different colored rectangles and squares to build a lighthouse. A square for the door, long rectangles for the stripes going up the lighthouse, etc. This is great for practicing shapes with smaller children. Use similar crafts with different shapes (circles, triangles etc.)
  • Design a house! Use old milk cartons or small cardboard boxes for a base. Wrap the house in your favorite color and cut out various shapes for doors, windows etc. and decorate.
  • Great for all types of crafts! Use to make wreaths, paper chains, custom greeting cards for special occasions/people and any other paper crafts you can think of!

Stay tuned for a Super Slick Craft Paper project post coming up this week!


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Project Spotlight: Super Slick Craft Paper


Turn your regular craft paper designs into spectacular projects with R15314 Super Slick Paper! The paper is coated with a gloss to make the colors vibrant and the paper texture smooth and easy to work with. Super Slick Craft Paper is a great material to work with as the range of colors will inspire you to fold, cut and glue a variety of different projects!

To add interest to your projects, cut out basic shapes such as squares, rectangles, triangles and more! Arrange the shapes onto a sheet of construction paper and paste down. Make familiar objects or scenes such as the outdoors, cityscapes, vehicles, robots and more!

The Super Slick Craft Paper is standard 8½ x 11″ so you can fold it from corner to edge and cut off the bottom to make a square. The square can then be used for origami projects.

Our YouTube video below, we show you how to make your own pop art using two sheets of Super Slick Craft Paper. On the first sheet, fold and cut out a snowflake design while retaining the four corners. Paste on top of a separate sheet of colored paper.


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Craft Spotlight: Retro Pop Paper


Add beautiful effects to your cut and paste projects! R15303 Retro Pop Paper provides you with a variety of bright colors and eye-catching designs. For this project, our Art Campers decorated painted wave paper with fish cutouts using the Retro Pop Paper. See more below!


First, we supplied our campers with a few fish templates that they could apply to the paper, trace out and cut. We showed them how to fold the paper, and then place the templates, folded, onto the fold line of the Retro Pop Paper.


Once the campers had traced the shape onto the paper, they cut it out.


With the paper unfolded, a fish shape appeared! We tried a variety of different fish shapes. You can see the shapes in the top right.


The backdrop was a sheet of brown craft paper that we had in rolls in our art room. We spread out the sheets and cut them at about 3-4 foot widths, then painted them with blue wavy lines.


Our campers applied a bit of glue to the backs of the fish shapes and pasted them into various positions on the craft paper.


The campers had a lot of space to work with!


All done! Check out all those gorgeous fish designs!


Here’s what another group did. Great work, campers!


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