Mosaic Name Tags

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Give students an artistic way to label their desks or spots at their table!

This activity is great for the first week of school! Practice literacy and create artistic name plates for each student’s seat.

Age: 5+

Duration: 10 Minutes

Learning Outcomes: Practice spelling names, and exercise fine motor skills.

You’ll Need:


Start with a sheet of construction paper. For this project, we used 4 1/4 x 5 1/2″ sheets (a sheet of letter or A4 cut in half). Challenge the students to write their names in pencil on the sheets, taking up the whole sheet. The pencil lines will guide their placement of the mosaic pieces, and it gives students and teachers a chance to double check uneasy spellers!step 2

Using goo spreaders and white glue, challenge students to glue mosaic pieces over the pencil lines. The goo spreaders help prevent wasted glue and sticky messes! They also exercise fine motor skills, which is crucial in a world that is increasingly becoming technological.

Students can choose their favorite colors, use a wild arrangement, organize colors by letter, or however they want to. When they are finished, they will have a beautiful, unique name plate!

step 8

Use clear packing tape to secure each name plate to students’ desks. This example used double color mosaics, but other ideas include:

  • Use alphabet pasting pieces to mosaic a name plate! Each letter of the student’s name is made up of multiple pasting pieces of that letter. For example, the letter A would be made up of several mosaic pasting pieces showing the letter A.
  • Create a name rainbow! Using pictures of rainbows as reference, challenge students to make the first letter of their names with red mosaic pieces, the second with orange, and so on.
  • Don’t be bound by geometry! Most of our pasting pieces are square, but don’t let that limit kid’s imaginations. Encourage them to rotate, layer, and offset their mosaic pieces to create interesting shapes and textures.


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