Name Bracelets

finished craft.jpg

This beautiful and tactile craft is a fun spin on traditional bracelets made of strung beads!

Age: 5+

Duration: 5 Minutes

Learning Outcomes: Exercise fine motor skills and practice spelling your name.

You’ll Need:


Usually friendship bracelets are knotted or woven out of yarn, but we loved the added tactile dimension of stringing our uppercase letter beads on tubular crinoline! Ours is approximately 1/2″ in diameter. For a child’s bracelet, each child will need approximately 7″ of UN-STRETCHED tubular crinoline and the letters that spell out their names.

step 1.jpg

The tubular crinoline is the perfect stringing medium! Simply pull the end so the crinoline gets thin enough to pull through the holes in the beads. The material is stiff enough to thread easily.

pinch me.jpg

Thread the letters of your name onto the tubular crinoline.


Once your beads are all strung, knot the two loose ends to create a wearable piece of art!

step 4.jpg


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