Dream Catcher

New ideas for Craft! Create your own beautiful modern style Dream Catcher using our R42280, release stress and relieve yourself. Learn how to create these dream catchers and add a wonderful touch to your home.

Age: 4+

Duration: 20 Minutes

Learning Objectives:  Decorate the thick cardboard hoops with markers, paint or crayons before threading the string through the pre-punched holes. Use our stringing suggestions or ask students to invent their own patterns. Don’t forget to decorate the included card feathers.

You’ll Need:

line-03.png (585×76)

Take the cardboard dream catcher and pop out the cardboard hoop and feathers.

On the back side of Cardboard hoop, number the holes on the hoop from 1-12 and decorate the front with paint or color of your choice.

Once you are done, take the plastic needle and twine. Pass the twine through the needle.

Now, start threading the string through the pre-punched holes. Let’s Begin at hole #1. Pass the needle from the back of hoop no. 1 and now, pass it through hoop no. 8 form the front.

Follow this pattern: 1,8,3,10,5,12,7,2,9,4,11. (You can also make your own weaving patterns).

Keep following the pattern and once you reach at hoop no. 11, you’ll see a beautiful pattern. Now, Cut off the extra twine from both ends and tie at the back. Our Net is complete.

It’s time to decorate the feathers. Paint the cardboard feathers with the color of your choice and let it soak for few minutes. After 20-30 minutes, pop the feathers out.

Take the plastic needle again and thread the twine through the hole in the chipboard feather. We’ll use beads this time to get an attractive look. Pass the feather and beads through needle.

Add as many beads as you want in it and tie them to the hole no.#7. Repeat the same procedure and make three hanging strings.

Let’s decorate our dream catcher and give it an eye catching look. Use Our R15703 Hair Paper. It includes number of colors. Choose one of your choice and glue it at the back of Cardboard hoop.

Take a craft paper, pencil and scissor and draw this flower shape. Cut it off and start rolling it inwards. Glue it at the end. You’ll get a beautiful flower.

Follow the same steps and make some flowers of pink and green color and stick those on our dream catcher. Make some butterflies with craft paper and glue the butterflies on the net.
Our Dream Catcher is ready.

line-03.png (585×76)

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Spotlight On: Dream Catchers


These classroom friendly crafts integrate cultural crafts and mathematics to create a beautiful piece of art!

Dream catchers originated with the Ojibwe people. Traditionally, dream catchers were hung over cradles to protect babies and young children from bad dreams. Dream catchers can be simple wooden hoops with leather, rawhide, or plant-based cords used to create the iconic webbing.

42280 CraftShot_sm.jpg

Our dream catchers use chipboard hoops and cord, which means they are perfect for small hands to decorate! We suggest using white paint to cover the hoops and feather before using markers, crayons or colored pencils to decorate your dream catcher. Paint shows up without the need for a white base coat.

42280 CraftShot2_sm.jpg

When it’s time to weave your dream catcher’s web, we suggest numbering each of the holes and following one of these patterns:

  • 7,3,11,7,2,9,4,11,6,1,8,3,10,5,12,7
  • 1,10,7,4,1,8,3,10,5,12,7,2,9,4,11,6,1
  • 1,9,5,1,7,3,11,7
  • 1,8,3,10,5,12,7,2,9,4,11

We have created a video to show you the whole process!

Weaving your dream catcher is a math connection, but there are literary and cultural connections to explore too! We suggest pairing this craft with some of these awesome books:

  • Grandmother’s Dreamcatcher by Becky Ray McCain
  • The Dreamcatcher by Philip Nicklin


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