Letter Vests


Learn important language skills in a fun and interactive way.

Letter Vests are durable, brightly colored and laminated. The Letter Vests are made with tear resistant material, however under extreme circumstances they can rip. If a rip occurs, carefully remove the vest from the child and apply a small piece of clear tape to the front and back of the tear.


Clean the vest with a damp cloth.

Each vest represents one manuscript-style letter of the alphabet in lower-case on the front, and upper-case on the back. Vowels are featured in red and constants are blue. The letters A,E,L,N,O and S have been duplicated to extend the number of words your students can spell.

4960 letter vests

These Letter Vests allow children to learn the sounds of each letter, experiment with rhyming words and discover words in an engaging way.

Start language explorations by giving each child a Letter Vest introducing the letters of the
alphabet. Ask students to order themselves into an alphabetical line. Introduce rhyming words that have the same ending. Start by spelling out the ending of a three-letter word, then go through the alphabet letter by letter to form all possible words ending with the last two letters. Write a list of vocabulary words. Ask students to arrange themselves into the word using the Letter Vests.


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