French/English Manuscript Alphabet Train

alphabet train poster

Use these classroom resources as simultaneous wall decorations! Teach kids the letters of the alphabet with clever illustrations. 

The Alphabet Train pieces are designed to be placed horizontally side-by-side across the top of your wall. Each card shows two letters of the alphabet, in both upper and lowercase. Above each letter, we’ve made an illustration of the word that begins with that letter. All illustrations are applicable in both English AND French, which does double-duty for your classroom!

Every day, you can focus on one letter at a time with your students and help them identify the illustration. You can also talk about other words that begin with the letter of the day. Perhaps you could start with names; ask who in the class has a name that starts with the letter of the day. That’s a great technique for getting the conversation started!

Once you have identified the illustration, write the accompanying word onto your wallboard or brainstorming sheet.

Start with placing the locomotive engine at the front of the train. Place the next piece (the beginning of the alphabet) up against the first. When you are ready to progress to the next set of letters, add one more train car to the row. Continue in this way until you have completely filled up the board with the Alphabet Train!


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