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Fluffy Clouds Sky Mobile

sky mobile craft

Introducing our up-in-the Sky Mobile! It’s the newest addition to our product lineup and features some of the coolest details to make your mobiles soar!

Age: 4+

Duration: 15-20 minutes

Learning Objectives: Use fine motor skills to carefully place the cotton balls onto the cloud mobile base. Talk about the different types of objects or animals that fly in the air and observe the movements of the mobile.

You’ll Need:

R51303 Sky Mobile

• Cotton balls

• Blue paint

• Markers / pencil crayons / crayons

• String


sky mobile craft

The Sky Mobile pack comes with an assortment of thematic shapes. There are about 30 designs that fit into 5 different themes–bugs, flying vehicles, weather, fantasy creatures, space and birds. These shapes attach to the cloud mobile base.

sky mobile craft

We will first decorate the cloud mobile base. Fill a bowl with blue paint. Dip the end of a cotton ball into the blue paint and press it onto the cloud.

sky mobile craft

Fill the entire cloud mobile base with cotton balls to give the cloud a fluffy appearance.

sky mobile craft

While you are waiting for the cloud mobile base to dry, color in the shapes that you will attach to the mobile base. You can mix and match the pieces together to add more interest to your designs! Ask students to talk about the various pieces they pick out. What if the pieces form some kind of story?

sky mobile craft

You can color the shapes in different ways, with crayons…

sky mobile craft

…markers, or pencil crayons!

sky mobile craft

It’s great fun to exchange the different shapes with your classmates! Mix and match to make the the most unique mobile design.

sky mobile craft

To attach the shapes to the clouds, you will need to cut out a length of string. Each shape has a special tab that can be folded out. Slide the end of the string over the tab, then push to secure it.

sky mobile craft

It’s our ingenious no-tie design that allows you to put the mobile together without glue or any mess!

sky mobile craft

Once the shapes have been attached to the length of string, the opposite end of the string can be tabbed down to the inside swirls of the cloud mobile base.

sky mobile craft

When the mobile base is lifted up, the weight of the shapes will pull the inner spirals out.

sky mobile craft

This mobile soars sky-high!


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