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Flag Designer


Create your own beautiful flags or duplicate your country’s flag with our Flag Designer kit

Use the blank card flags to initiate discussion about country flags and their symbolism. Talk about your own country’s flag and what the colors or images on the flag represent. You can even broaden the discussion to include the country flags for students of different nationalities.

You can make the project more interesting if you encourage children to design their own flags for a favorite team, make-believe country or for a special club.

Provide your students with scrap paper on which to first design their flags. Use crayons, markers or pencil crayons to color in your flags.

Pin up the finished flags for a classroom display!

Here are some other great project ideas you can incorporate in your unit study about flags:

• Make a flag windsock using a super-cool color resist technique!

• Hang your flags together with a Paper Hand Wreath to celebrate diversity in the classroom!


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