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Bug Sculptures

16036 - CHILD SHOT-red_web
Use water to sculpt life-like insects! This ingenious technique using 100% recycled material will create beautiful 3D designs that your students will be proud to call their art!
Before starting, make sure you lay down newspapers or a paint tray onto your working surface. This will help keep the water in one area for easy cleanup.

Choose your insect design. There are 8 bug designs in total, including a bee, spider, rhino beetle, stag beetle, moth, butterfly, scorpion and dragonfly.


Wet both sides of the chipboard design. The water will soak through the material, allowing it to bend without tearing. Curve, crease and form wings, legs and antennae.


When you are finished, prop the sculpture in between small objects to hold the sculpture’s shape as it dries. When dry, color the insects with paint and display the finished pieces in a lifelike nature exhibit!


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