Fairy Tale Shadow Puppets

39203_ShadowPuppets_Catalog Image

Perform your favorite fairy tales using light, shadow and color!

Puppetry is a great way to get all kids involved with imaginative play. Kids who are shy about speaking in front of their peers can practice performing and public speaking while safely out of sight behind the curtain or stage. Budding writers can participate by writing original scripts for their peers to perform!

These puppets can be used in a myriad of different ways. Simply pop these beautiful die-cut figures out. Then punch out the die-cut sections that allow light to pass through the puppet to create a unique shadow.

ftsp 2.jpg

Straight out of the package, they’re perfect for traditional shadow puppetry!

ftsp 3.jpg

You can also use tissue paper or stained glass paper to fill in the openings in the puppets. Then you can use marker, crayon and paint to decorate the white spaces on the puppets.

Once your puppets are decorated, they are ready to perform all your favorite fairy tales!

ftsp 4.jpg

Puppets filled with stained glass paper can also be used like traditional shadow puppets. Just make sure you use a powerful flashlight!

Shadow puppets are an especially great rainy-day activity, because low light and lots of time are a must for creating and performing a puppet show!



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Accordion Critters

accordion critter folding puppet

Round up your favorite animal friends for a puppet show! The Accordion Critters are intended to focus students on folding accordion-style to exercise their fine motor skills.

The super-cute animal designs are enough to make a fuss about! That’s why we’ve made 12 different designs–a whole lot of animals for your students to choose from.

accordion critter folding puppet

Apart from learning about the different animals, kids can create their unique animal legs by either braiding, folding or curling the strips provided in the pack. Mix and match the different colors too!

accordion critter folding puppet

Our art campers designed some of their own Accordion Critters using the provided paper lengths! This camper is folding the strips back and forth to create that accordion look.

accordion critter folding puppet

She unfolded the strips to see how the legs would look like.

accordion critter folding puppet

She attached the legs on with a bit of tape. Other animals such as the frog or snake can use the paper strips as tongues.

accordion critter folding puppet

Almost finished! Now all we need to do is add on some string to hang the Accordion Critter for a puppet show!

accordion critter folding puppet

Here’s how one of our campers turned her critter into a puppet!

accordion critter folding puppet

Unfortunatley, our puppet show got blown over by the wind, but we did manage to hang the critters from the bushes in our garden.

accordion critter folding puppet

So cute!

You can extend the puppet activities to include some of the projects below!

• Make your own personal puppet theatre and characters for individual student demonstrations!

• Simplify your puppet projects with a teacher finger-puppet glove you can use for storytime!


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