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Nellie Mae from This Little Blog of Mine uses our Amazing Animal Paper!

Halloween has already come and gone, but if you are planning to host a kids’ dress-up party this weekend, take a cue from Nellie Mae and use some of our Animal Skins Paper to make quick and easy costumes!

Nellie Mae posted her students’ work on May 18, 2011 under the title, “Why I love the end of the year… Part 2.” Click on the link to visit her site!

The kids received various sizes of brown paper bags to make their hats and vests, but you can use regular Bristol paper and cut it to size. Nellie Mae’s students cut holes into the sides of the large brown bag to fit their arms through. The smaller brown paper bags were used as the hats.

You can decorate the hats and vests with printed pattern paper, such as the ones we make. The sheets only come in 8.5 x 11″ (21.5 x 28 cm) but use three sheets to decorate the paper bags. Glue two sheets onto the vest–one to the front and one to the back–then wrap a third sheet all the way around the paper hat.

Use any one of the following printed papers to make different kinds of costumes:

R15198 Creatures and Animals Value Pack — Featuring a diverse selection of animal, sealife, dinosaur and bug designs.

R15240 Dinosaur Craft Paper — Dress up as your favorite dinosaur!

R15237 Bug Craft Paper — Are you a butterfly or a bumblebee? Make your pick!

R15239 Sealife Paper — Discover wonderful aquatic colors and patterns!

The summer dress-up theme for Nellie Mae’s class was ‘animals’ so the thrifty teacher decided to use our R15256 Amazing Animal Paper to decorate the paper bags with!


Check out her link for photos of the students’ costumes. Some of them even made armbands with the leftover paper!

Thanks to Nellie Mae for this post!

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